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Burn Blu-ray Backup on Mac

How to Burn Blu-ray Backup on Mac?

If you've backup Blu-ray movie onto your Mac, and want to burn it now, you can just use DVDFab Blu-ray Copy for Mac to do this easily with just two steps and a couple of clicks. It can burn both Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray image file on your Mac, and the speed and output quality are outstanding, so you'll be totally satisfied. Now let's take a look at the following tutorial about how to burn Blu-ray backup on your Mac with DVDFab Blu-ray Copy for Mac.


Burn Blu-ray Backup on Mac > Step 1: Run Blu-ray Copy for Mac --> Write Data, and import in the Blu-ray backup

Start DVDFab for Mac, choose "Blu-ray Copy" option. Then on the left pane, choose "Write Data" which will write your backup data into disc. Now import in the Blu-ray folder or image file backup on your Mac by clicking the icons besides Source in the interface. OK. The source is in as showed below.


Burn Blu-ray Backup on Mac > Step 2: Start burning

It's clear that you need to click Start button now to start burning. As soon as Start button triggered, you'll be asked to insert a compatible media to start write process.


OK. Just insert a compatible disc, and soon the burning process will be finished. During all the process, you can view detailed progress info, you can also set your computer to auto shutdown if you like.


For more info about DVDFab Blu-ray Copy for Mac and other more functions besides copy Blu-ray from Mac to disc, just visit: www.dvdfab.cn/blu-ray-copy-for-mac.htm