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DVDFab – Professional 4K Converter

DVDFab – Professional 4K Converter

As the 4K era is coming, everyone is excited about the ultra high definition experience it brings along. DVDFab keeps pace with this trend and has been updated to support 4K videos all roundly. DVDFab ripper option now can convert DVD/Blu-ray movies to 4K videos and DVDFab Video Converter is able to convert between 4K videos and other regular videos. Next let’s see how.


*How to convert DVD/Blu-ray to 4K

Start up DVDFab and choose “ripper” option. Then load in the DVD or Blu-ray you want to convert. Click the profile menu on the left side of the interface to bring about all supported profiles. Navigate to “Format”->”Video” to choose from “MKV.4K” or “MP4.4K”. Then you can click “Advanced Settings” or “Edit” to do further settings for the conversion if you’d like to. Last, go hit “Start” button to start conversion. Soon after, an ultra high definition 4K video will sit in your computer.


*How to convert a regular video to a 4K video

Start up DVDFab and choose “Converter” option. Load in the video you want to convert to 4K. Then choose the profile menu to open the profile library, in which please select “MKV.4K” or “MP4.4K” profile for the output. Again, if you want to do further settings on video/audio parameters, please choose “Advanced Settings” and/or “Edit” to shape the output file. Then hit “Start” button to start conversion. Very soon, you will get what you want.


For more info about 4K, please visit: http://www.dvdfab.cn/about-4k.htm

And you download a free trial of DVDFab to try to output 4K videos yourself at: http://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm