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DVD Ripper for Samsung Galaxy SII

DVD Ripper for Samsung Galaxy SII

In the smart phone kingdom, Apple is now the absolute ruler. But, for how long, is Apple going to retain its throne? Obscure. The only thing secure for the time being is that Apple got competitors, and a lot of. Samsung, being the second largest smart phone contributor global wide by market share, is an important player, and of course, is chasing after its only rival, at its maximized power.


One of the notable pistol products Samsung produced which puts a strong challenge to Apple’s iPhone is its Galaxy series, and S II, being one member in this group, is a very popular smart phone in the streets. So, DVDFab feel the need to add a special support to this sought-after phone. 


This tip below shows you how to rip DVD movie for your Samsung Galaxy S II, with the DVD Ripper software from DVDFab:


Convert DVD for Samsung Galaxy S II: Step One-> Download the latest version of DVDFab DVD Ripper and install it on your computer.


Convert DVD for Samsung Galaxy S II: Step Two-> launch DVDFab, navigate to DVD Ripper option and Android mode, then load the DVD you are about to convert. After doing the audio and subtitle settings, go to the bottom of the main window where you can find the profile selection area, then choose Samsung Galaxy S II 9100.

Convert DVD for Samsung Galaxy S II: Step Three-> Click the “Edit” and “Video Effect Settings” buttons and do the Conversion Settings and Video Effect Settings respectively, then hit “Start” button to go converting. Next, wait for the task to be completed.


Note: the key point of this conversion is the Android mode and profile, pay enough attention.


For more information, you can go to DVDFab DVD Ripper page