Media Player Site License Program

Why choose our Site License Program?

DVDFab Media Player Site License Program lets educational institutions (including academies, universities, and laboratories, etc.) and large companies who want to purchase DVDFab Media Player (the software) on a large volume level, at very compelling prices. This Site License is available to everyone inside the institution or company, and includes all the future updates and upgrades.
We offer our Site License based upon Population Size. The software is licensed based upon the number of people it is licensed for. The Population Size licensing model allows you to install the software on any machines used by the licensed population. This includes student-owned computers and faculty members' personal computers as well as any computers owned by that institution or company.
Note that a member's right to use the software expires when she/he leaves the institution or company. That means, the copies installed on personal computers rather than institution-owned computers should be destroyed when the user is no longer a member of the licensed population. Your institution or company is responsible for restricting access to the software only to the licensed members.


Price varies from the population size of your institution or company.

For DVDFab Media Player Windows version:

Population Size Lifetime
50 – 99 $999
100 – 499 $1999
500 – 999 $2999
1000+ $4999

For DVDFab Media Player Mac version:

Population Size Lifetime
50 – 99 $599
100 – 995 $1999
500 – 999 $1495
1000+ $2495

Note: DVDFab Media Player Site License only has lifetime version.

How to order a Site License?

To order a Site License, please contact our support team via E-mail at , and offer some necessary documentation to prove you are an institutional organization, or a large company, then we will get back to you within 48 hours.