4.4 stars

Flexible and handy for use

Joris Toet 2015-09-22

I think this Blu-ray copying software is flexible and handy for use. As Blu-ray fans, you can download it and evaluate it first; It is offered as try-before-you-buy, 30-day free trial, fully functional.

Very convenient to use!

Maryanne Cortes 2015-08-03

This Free Blu-ray software is compatible with homemade Blu-ray discs and it support Blu-ray in both NTSC and PAL formats. The auto-update feature ensures you experience the latest research on this Blu-ray Copy programme.

Fastest copy speed.

Flgernon 2015-03-25

Absolutely this one takes good. I spent several days testing a bunch of other DVD copy programs and yours had the best quality and one of the fastest copy speed.

My person choice for BD backup!

Misaac 2015-01-13

DVDFab Bluray Copy is one of best tools in the industry and I have intended to develop a Bluray program that decrypts, because I have been very happy watching Blu-ray came upon the scene and then make nice bakcup for later watching. I will continue to do so.And this is just my personal opinion.

Easy to operate with several mouse clicks

Ignativs 2014-09-12

I like to copy the main movie of a Blu-ray disc to my hard drive or another blank Blu-ray disc.DVDFab Blu-ray Copy can help me to do this with just several mouse clicks. It is very nice for me.

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