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4.6 stars

DVDFab Lightning Shrink,I love u so much!

Lassie 2013-10-23

As one old user,I have to say the new DVDFab technology is really so great. It really cut down the time we spend on ripping or converting Blu-ray movies, shockingly to even within an hour. DVDFab Lightning Shrink makes great contributions!I love u so much!

Wow,so fast! So amazing!

Gabriel 2013-10-15

This year before,I have tried to use all kinds of Bluray Copy tool to help convert my Bluray movies to the best format on my tablet to watch.However,too much time on ripping or converting Blu-rays make me feel rather disappointing. Now I use one named DVDFab 9(Blu-ray Copy mode),the conveting speed is really fast and amazing. So excited about the great progress!



DVDとBlu-rayのコピーは4年位前に購入、ALL IN ONE は1年位前に購入Avangateの購入
履歴をを見れば解ります、最初はカード決算する会社など、全て解らない事だらけ、今では慣れました、両社共カスタマーサポートが良いからです、質問も真摯に答えてくれ解りやすい、最近はFab9の操作に慣れました、パソコン&ソフトは販売した後が問題、サポートがしっかりしているかです、何度もID パスワードを忘れたりしましたが、丁寧親切に回答してくれます、ソフトもバージョンアップが良く行われ生きている証拠、技術情報も読むと感心する事ばかり、VTRは10年でコケましたが、この12cmのDiskの時代はまだ10年以上続くと思います、やはり何時でも気楽に見る事が出来るこれが1番のメリットです。

love my movies

joseph gotkiewicz 2013-09-29

I love my movies. I copy them put the original away and watch the copies. The reason I do this is because of my children. I used to get mad and upset, and have to rebuy a movie. Now I buy copy and enjoy. No more worries or upset at my kids. Life is better. Thanks to DVDfab.

Very fast copy speed and good quality

Samuel 2013-09-22

Recently I really wanna make a copy of a Blu Ray disc I own, store it on my AppleTV hard drive, and play it off the hard drive.So I downloaded and paid one software named DVDfab bluray copy and the copy speed speed is really very fast and the quality is very good for me.

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