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DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

4.6 stars


Barbie 2013-07-17

I'm looking for some tool to backup my Avatar Blu-ray (Collector's Edition). Finally I found this Blu-ray copy software, which contains everything I need to copy Blu-ray. With simple operations, I succeeded backup the Blu-ray disc to ISO image files on my computer conveniently. I'm looking forward to some exciting new feature in the next version.

Great product. I need to test it on a few more movies. Thanks!

Junior 2013-07-17

Thank you so much for this excellent program!!!

Warm Regards!!!

Keep up the great work!!!

Thanks this backup tool and help me a lot.

Eleanor Chris 2013-07-16

i bought some blurays and want to copy them to my computer.i searched on the net and then found there are quite many people say DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. It is powerful enough to remove all Blu-ray copy protections and copy any Blu-ray to any Blu-ray/DVD disc or to your hard drive with just one or a few clicks.So I got this backup tool.It really helps me a lot.Really thankful!

Be Warned .... Scam ... Poor Customer Service!!!

Ryan 2013-07-10

I downloaded the trial version of dvdfab and everything worked great. I could make BD to BD copies, BD to DVD, but as soon as i dropped the $87 for the life time subscription nothing would copy any more.

I contacted customer service (which by the way can only be done thru online chat .. they have no contact number) and after 24hrs i got a reply to uninstall/reinstall the download. That didnt solve the issue and i requested a refund. Well of course the customer service rep is not authorized to do a refund and said i would have to email "Mona to plead my case".

After another 24hr wait i heard back from "mona" and got a reply that dvdfab doesnt do refunds and it states that on their site .. which it does if you go and find the purchase policy link on their site to read it ... b/c everybody looks for one of those before they buy something right????

I would recommend to any one looking for a program to make copies to DEFINITELY USE A DIFFERENT PROGRAM!!! There are other options like one click dvd pro for one. I downloaded their program, made copies, and have had no problems.

Almost forgot .. another added bonus of ordering this product is tons of spam email. My spam folder use to get maybe 5 messages a week. Every since i ordered this product i have gotten at least 20 a day to my spam folder.

This Blu-ray Copy software is really very useful and my best choice to have one.

Joseph 2013-07-10

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is an excellent program that comes with all the tools you need to back-up your Blu-ray collection. Whether you want to strip down a Blu-ray disc to its essentials or just make a direct copy from one Blu-ray disc to another, this program will allow you do so with the utmost simplicity. Even those who are not looking to make copies of their collection can still use it as a valuable decryption tool, allowing you to playback Blu-ray video files in the player of your choice.

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