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4.6 stars

I need BD Split feature badly!

Paul Tall 2014-12-09

I know that Blue-Cloner 5 can split a double layer blu-ray into 2 discs.What sucks with Blue-Cloner is you can't select the split point of the blu-ray. It burns the first disc to capacity then puts the rest of it on the second. If you can figure this out I'll buy DVDFab!

First try and then buy it!

Herberte 2014-11-26

I suggest everyone should try this software. At first, my friends recommend it to me, it's not free, but it's easy to use and works pretty well for me, I think it well worth the money.So I became its registered user from then.It is very awesome!

Clear,intuitive and easy to use

Atwood 2014-11-18

As far as an update to the software was detected,I gave permission to do this,a few minutes later the updated had been completed. I especially like the preview function as I copying my favorite movie to a BD25. It is clear,intuitive and easy to use.

It works far better!

Donald 2014-11-05

I downloaded some blu-ray files which are still in the blu-ray format.Then I got the DVDFab software to do the copy backup job I want.And it works far better than I had expected!

Thanks DVDfab!

Ashbur 2014-10-22

I am trying to find a program that can copy Blu-ray movies directly from one disc to another. All I have been able to find is ripping software and software that can burn to blu-rays, but none of them work together.Later I also saw something about DVDFab. I finally successfully copied my Blu-ray movies. Thanks!

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