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DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

4.6 stars

The best tool I ever found!

Bowen 2014-08-26

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is an excellent program that comes with all the tools I need to back-up your Blu-ray collection. Whether I want to strip down a Blu-ray disc to its essentials or just make a direct copy from one Blu-ray disc to another, this program will allow me to do so with the utmost simplicity.It is the best tool I ever found! I can't agree more!

Reasonable pricing!

Elaine 2014-08-05

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy sells only $ 60 for one year subscription and $ 105.6 for lifetime, which is a very much mid-level pricing, comparing with similar products from market, and it offers 30-day free evaluation period for anyone to test it before throw any money on it.

Great for Blu-ray duplication!

Spierberg 2014-07-31

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is great for Blu-ray duplication. It features some of the best Blu-ray decryption available on the market. The software can be somewhat difficult to use and a bit unpredictable, but if you want to back up your high-def movie library, this Blu-ray burning software is the way to go.

Good using experience for me!

Beachwoman 2014-07-17

As to my using experience,the latest updates to the software can be easily accessed and these contain all the latest copy protection removal keys. With DVDFab Blu Ray Copy, I get a program that is capable of cracking any encryptions. Plus, I get to create personalized discs containing only the content I want.

Very okay,very nice!

Macdone 2014-07-09

DVDFab is okay I think as I like all the extras it offers. Some do me a big favour, not me. The only free part is DVDFab HD Decrypter (free version of DVDFab),updates lag behind the pay version,but uses very nice!

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