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DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

4.6 stars

Very fast copy speed!

Fereeeek 2014-06-24

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is a specialized Blu-ray burning software package that excels in Blu-ray Disc backup and duplication. It is capable of decrypting and ripping Blu-ray Discs in addition to burning them. It is somewhat difficult to navigate, but it has broad support for Blu-ray and DVD.Besides the copy speed is very fast!

Hope it can bring me much convenience!

Koichi 2014-06-16

Hope it is an useful software to take backups of DVD and Blu-ray disks Atish :)<br />
Getting quality output is more important and it is really to know the significant features of DVDFab Blu-ray Copy tool.<br />
Thanks for this great and owesome software provider!

Nice software

Gloerory 2014-06-11

Nice software and it’s easy to install , all features are good and easy to preform .Thanks for sharing.

I love the tool very much!

Phil Davies 2014-05-28

I paid for the full suite only to find media player isnt included.However,I can watch everything in HD through the preview window in full screen. Later I know that the all in one doesn't include media player. So i have to purchase the player alone again.I don't have any regret at the moment! I love the tool very much even I paid much!

Nice to use!

Mannermo 2014-05-21

I paid for my DVDFab Bluray copy rather than the all in one suite. I just think that if DVDfab Blueray copy software can copy both the blue ray disks and dvd disks without having to purchase both the blue ray software and the dvd software,everthing will be more fun for me! I can say my tool is very nice to use.

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