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DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

4.6 stars

I love this great tool!

Flarttmadi 2014-05-13

I have some torrent movie files I got some where on the internet. They are all in Blu-ray disk format.It was last week I used DVDFab Blu-ray Copy mode and successfully burn the movies to my blank Blu-ray disks and the burnt disks can also work pretty well on my home Blu-ray player.I love this great tool!

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy very nice!

Saryaha 2014-04-29

I think DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is the best software to purchase or download for burn in Blu-ray Disc.I already have an external USB Blu-ray Disc burner,I have some copiertied movies that are torrent files from Blu-ray Disc on my Apple Macbook that I'd like to burn into a Blu-ray Disc to watch on my big screen HDTV!When I got this tool,I successfully burn the movies to the disks!Very nice!

Love and support you forever!

Audre 2014-04-15

I would be quite unhappy if my expensive DVD or Blu-ray discs get damage. So, I searched for powerful software to take back-up my Blu-ray discs and remove copy protections of the DVD discs. I just want to say that DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and its DVD Copy never disappoint me! I support the tools forever!

So convenient!

Estelle 2014-04-09

Although sometimes I do not have a disc handy,I still can prepare the back-up copy using DVDFab Blu-ray software and save this back-up to the hard disk in my computer. Then I can use this back-up in the hard disk to create either an ISO image or directly copy to a new Blu-ray disc.Thanks!

Great DVDFab,great experience!

Juliana 2014-04-02

Well, for me I don’t need anything that rips DVDs/BluRay into a movie file. I like to rip the files to a folder and then use another converter such as HandBrake to create any file type that I need. That is why I prefer DVDFab and need nothing else. It has never failed me unlike others.

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