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DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

4.5 stars

My best ever choice!

Buzz Books ‏ 2015-06-23

When it comes to decrypting/hacking Blu-ray discs and DVDs, DVDfab is about as good as it gets. DVDfab Blu-ray Ripper well deserves its high reputation in decryption, and it handles not only AACS, BD+, Region code restriction, but also Cinavia protected Blu-rays. If you want to rip a Blu-ray to MKV and keep 2 audio language and external subtitles, DVDfab would be your choice.

Awesome 3D converter for me!

Ansel 2015-03-31

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper (3D Plus) is a great Blu-ray to MP4 Video Converter that can convert any Blu-ray to MP4 video for you to view on various devices.Awesome software is my favourite.

Better than Sliced Bread

Wally 2015-03-30

I am continually pleased with all of the functions of DVDFab. It easily allows me to put my movies onto my inhouse server so that we can play the movies on our Apple TV's, Roku's, iPad's, Kindle Fires, and more.

Fast ripping speed and good choice!

Atwood 2015-03-25

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper is a nice choice for those who feel like to make converting of their Blu-rays. The software does one thing- converting the video clips from encrypted disc into a set of video files formats, preserving most information but not changing it in any way- and does it well. The ripping of Blu-ray took only fifteen minutes. All video streams, audio tracks and subtitles are included in resulting video file.

DVDFab : un programme unique et génial

Montegnies Jean-Marie 2015-03-21

Je suis conquis par les immenses possibilités de DVDFab DVD et Blu-Ray ripper : très convivial d'utilisation, stable et puissant, permettant la conversion dans pratiquement tous les formats possibles et avec reconnaissance des chapitres, possibilité de sélectionner plusieurs langues parlées et sous-titres... Résultats son et image excellents. Compatibilité déjà assurée avec le H.265 (HEVC)et donc avec l'avenir! Je salue aussi l'écoute attentive de l'équipe passionnée de DVDfab aux questions et aux suggestions, toujours en quête d'améliorations et de mieux répondre aux exigences du client. Ce programme est unique en son genre, complet et on ne peut que le recommander vivement.

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