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4.8 stars

Easy-to-use solution for burning original DVDs!

Bernie 2015-03-31

DVDFab DVD Copy is able to burn DVD to hard drive as folder files, which I can name for later management. When needed, I will use this app to compress output files to a DVD 5 by integrating with imgburn or nero burning software. I find video quality loss is rarely sensible.

My DVDs back again!

Truman 2015-03-30

I have many old DVDs, quite some are not playable on DVD player. I had tried Handbrake. But it does not work well to backup them. Then someday when I find DVDFab, and decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, DVD Copy can recover from most VOB read errors. Oh, my DVDs come to life again! Thanks for this magic tool!

The Best Most Honest Software Company Anywhere

Robert Nash 2015-03-28

DVDFab has been the greatest software company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Its products are as good as it gets and if they went out of business I would not buy another DVD or Blu-Ray. The media these are on are of very poor quality and without the ability to back them up to a SSD or hard drive they are worthless. DVDFab has always in the last 10 yrs or so that I have used their products been, a company with the highest moral quality, not like some of the DVD-Blu-Ray companies that are always trying to harass and intimidate with their adds saying you can't back up their products or it is UNSAFE to use DVDFab products. These companies need to get their house in order, NOT DVDFab.<br />
Thank You DVDFab<br />

Confusion yet excellence!

Craig 2015-03-26

I don’t want to spend money on DVD backup utilities that doesn’t work. When searching on the internet, it is really a hard task for me to decide which one is worthy of investment until I first get in touch with DVDFab. The user interface is simple, clear and intuitive. However, I find so many modes in copy profile, and I am confused why some of them are unavailable in grey. But that doesn’t matter since I always use Full Disc mode to make 1:1 copy of my DVDs on my computer.

Significantly Easier!

Cecilia 2015-03-24

I  installed DVDFab DVD Copy on Windows computer. Then, all I need to do is drag and drop the folders I want, select Full Disc, set output type, and DVDFab does the rest. It’s much easier.

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