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4.8 stars

I like Main Movie Copy!

Egbert 2015-03-17

“Main Movie” supports for copying newly-released DVD movies. Smartly recognizes and copies feature movie from the whole DVD. Add support for copying multi-channel audio as well as subs tracks. “Checks for Update” saves me time and energy from browsing the website again.

Dvd Fab 9 order 2794423

Khoa van Ngo 2015-03-16

I just made order purchase 57.60 for DVD copy 9. But I don't know how to install this one

DVDFab Reply: Hi Khoa van Ngo, Thank you for ordering DVDFab products. Please download DVDFab 9 at http://www.dvdfab.cn/download.htm, and then refer to: http://www.dvdfab.cn/how_to_register.htm to have infos about how to register DVDFab 9. If still have problem, you can contact our DVDFab Service team via email (service@dvdfab.cn).

Robust Feature!

Carter 2015-03-15

The best DVD copy software comes with a variety of features, can bypass copy protection, copy latest DVDs, customize copy, adjust the video and audio settings, and support multiple disc formats.

Strong ability!

Barton 2015-03-14

DVD Copy can ignore reading errors automatically and recover from most VOB read errors, and supports NTSC and PAL content. And more, multi-core CPUs are supported by DVDFab DVD Copying software, so the copy speed is very fast.

Versatile copy options!

Ronald 2015-03-12

DVD Copy includes six copy modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split, Merge, Clone/Burn. Full disc mode allows me to copy whole content of DVDs while Main movie allows me to copy only feature movie without the other extras which comes with DVD movie. I can also 1:1 clone or copy movies with compression to save spaces.

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