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4.8 stars

The Best Product I've Found

Douglas Sherlock 2014-06-13

Over the years I had gathered quite the collection of DVD's. Some of them I had stored in my garage. One day as I was backing up the car the box they were in fell over and I backed over them. I lost half of my collection. I was searching the internet the next week to find a way to make copies of my DVD's so I would have backups. There were many programs that claimed they could copy DVD's. I tried many of them, but it seemed they all required you to download additional software. I ended up with many viruses on my computer. It cost me hundreds of dollars to have a computer tech. come to my house a number of times to clean out my computer. Luckily I came across DVDFab. I believe it was only version 3 or 4 back then. Now it's up to 9152 and probably updated more by the time you read this. I was able to back up the DVD's I had left, as well as those I've purchased since. I'm not a computer genius, so I was so happy to find how easy this product is to use. You put in a DVD, it starts to read it, you press start, it reads it, burns it, and you enjoy it. I was also amazed at the quality. If your TV is digital, you'll know what I mean, the picture quality of the DVD's are amazing. I highly reccomend this product, just as I have reccomended it to all my friends!

Feel safe and convenient!

Jeananh 2014-06-06

I got this DVDfab DVD Copy and it can help me get very good quality DVD Backups. With having backup copy for my valuable information,I feel quite comfortable and I can use my backup whenever I need.

It is the best DVD media copy tool ever!

Recoo 2014-05-28

I like dvdfab for copying movies, only way I will stop recording them is if the stop putting record buttons on dvd recorders and computer. I think this is the best media backup programme ever!

The V8 is easy to operate!

Manderna 2014-05-21

I am using DVDFab version 8. I am wanting to copy all the videos I have on 2 different usb flash drives to dvd. I learnt some instructions from dvdfab website. For V8,lick to open the software and then select write Data. Select the Source and Target to burn the folder to an optical disc.Everything is very easy to operate.


SUSUMU ARAI 2014-05-07

2011年に偶々本屋で見つけてパソコンに入れてコピーをしたところ簡単なので気にいり直ぐに無期限を購入し(DVDFab 8Qt)を今も気に入った映画があったらコピーをしています、又無料アップデートが有りましたら宜しくお願いします、そしてこれからもよろしくお願いします。

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