DVD Copy



4.8 stars


v 2014-03-18

An Excelent Programm, thank you

DVD Fab... The Heart of My Home Video

William. Ippolito 2014-03-14

DVD Fab allows me to consolidate all my video purchases to one location. The ease with which it copies "my" discs to a computer creates the heart of our home video collection. Making it available to other computers and T.V.s hooked up to the network through out the home. This in turn has other advantages... All the discs stay at home base (My Office) with me!! The discs stay organized, they are safe from damage and can me replicated if need be. My wife prefers to search a list of titles rather than have to go through a bunch of discs to find a particular movie she may want to watch. The superior quality of the replication provides our family with multimedia entertainment is unmatched.

Always Happy

Jackie Sienkiewicz 2014-03-08

I have used DVDFab for years and have always been very happy with this product. Easy to use and work with.

a dream package

Joe Garrett 2014-03-08

I have been using and recommending DVD fab for a number of years and am very pleased with its capabilities and offerings, It contains more then I will probably ever need but it fills my requirements and exceeds any and all expectations. One person I recommended the product to is not the most computer literate individuals I have ever dealt with, She had troubles (of her own making) and the tech support saw her though getting her errors corrected and got her up and running, many times as she continually repeated her errors. The hung in and today she is as pleased as can be, as am I. Thanks Team, Ya done good>

Best way to Backup Your copy!

Bill 2014-03-07

I have been using DVD fab for years and have had very few issues protecting my own disks. With one exception... Disney films. But for every other DVD it has worked flawlessly.

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