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4.8 stars

Great product and excellent support

Baomao 2014-03-01

I've been using this product for several months. It is easy to use and has worked on every DVD I have tried. I also had excellent luck with their support. I emailed them with a question and had an answer 12 hours later.

Absolutely wonderful product.

JLY 2014-03-01

The program is so easy to use, I've backed up all of the DVDs I own, and I have no more worries about scratches on my DVDs.

The most important,I feel nice!

Whaitee 2014-02-27

I use DVDFab to rip all my DVD / BR, strip out all the extras, extra language tracks, subtitles, and just copy the main movie with English audio.When it comes to DVD Copy,sometimes I also copy some disks and I also feel nice for me.

This backup,you are my love!

Grocery 2014-02-26

Creating a backup copy of a DVD is not difficult with this software. DVDFab DVD Copy Software can help me to get rid of the problems concerning copyright issues,language choices, and more. Its customizable interface, preview screen, copying modes, and the availability of constant updates provide a hassle-free copying or creating a clone of any DVD.All above is the reason I love this great tool!


emoda 2014-02-26

If you have never tried any DVD copy program before, try DVDFab DVD Copy that come with easy settings that allow users to personalize their settings the way they want it. You can easily change the default audio and other settings like languages and playback order. You can also choose the write speed so that you get the best experience while you are copying the content from one DVD to another. DVDFab DVD Copy also has 6 customizable modes that can allow you to make things easier.

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