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4.8 stars

Das Beste

Manet.R 2014-01-17

Ich bin mit allen Produkten, die ich gekauft habe sehr zufrieden und muss sagen DVDFab ist das Beste, was es gibt.<br />
5-Sterne haben auf jeden Fall alle Produkte von DVDFab verdiendt.

Capable,attractive,effective, and easy to use!

Constance 2014-01-14

I have found it to be attractive, effective, and easy to use. Some of the terminology used is perhaps slightly less intuitive than it could be but stick with it and I’ll be handsomely rewarded as this is a very capable program.

Simply Amazing!

Claudia Phillips 2014-01-11

I have used DVD Fab for many years and am continually amazed not only by the quality of the copies but just as important (to me) - it can be used by someone who is not a computer geek!!! I'm embarrassed to admit I don't understand many of the terms used but I still haven't had any trouble making copies of my DVD's. As a grandmother of twin 8 year old boys, this software has saved me a very large amount of money by enabling me to keep the original DVD aside and play the copies. We don't even notice the fact that it IS a copy! DVD Fab paid for itself the first week I used it -- those many years ago.<br />
Oh, yes, I should also mention that their customer support is superlative!


luciano 2014-01-04

This is just the most complete copy software for copiying dvd and bluray movies TOP!!

It has impressive feature and useful for me

Corrine 2014-01-02

This is a great tool for backing up your DVD library or repairing damaged discs.The software has a strong feature set and an intuitive interface.The flaws in the quality of copied content may be visible on an HD television.However,I have to say,for daily backup use,this one is enough.

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