DVD Copy



4.8 stars

Free DvdFab HD Decrypter,nice DVD Copy tool for me

Cheryl 2013-12-01

I was trying to copy DVD movies. I downloaded DVD Shrink although found out that it will not work since my DVD reader and DVD-R Burner are the same drive. Only when I tried DVDFab,I understand that it is great to rip a dvd to computer hdd with DvdFab HD Decrypter and all free! However, if you wanna burn your videos for free,just use dvd burning software with ImgBurn.

Lifetime subscriber

Richard Rowe 2013-11-29

I have been a lifetime subscriber to DVDfab for about five years (starting with DVDfab 5 series) and am more than pleased with the software and service. Software updates have been very timely as additional roadblocks are added by disc manufacturers with only minor glitches along the way. There has been rapid response to my queries.


John Smallman 2013-11-28

Ihave purchased a copy of dvd fab 6.
It was on my old computer which has been traSHED.
Do I have to purchase anothger copy or can it be sent to my current computer?
Could you please let me know.
I am currently using a trial copoy And have about 132 days to go.

Greater than I ever think

Lena 2013-11-25

DVDFab DVD Copy allows me to remove the encryption and region codes from the backup DVDs I make - even without downloading any extras as some applications require. However, if I want to be able to copy HD movies I do need to download the extra HD decrypter, but it is provided for free. So for me,it is really great than I ever think.

Far better than I'm used to.

Ytkkeli 2013-11-19

This program is so easy to use. it's perfect for novices and beginners. staight forward conrols area plus. copies from dvd to blank dvd and saved dvd file to blank dvd quickly and effortlessly.

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