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4.8 stars

Great software!

Phoebe 2013-11-18

The software has a strong feature set and an intuitive interface.It is also a great tool for backing up your DVD library or repairing damaged discs.


Paul Wood 2013-11-16

Love your products, absolutely brilliant.

Best and Easy to use dvd copy program

Richard Vardaman 2013-11-16

I have been using dvdfab copy for around 4 or 5 years now.
It copies to a disk, hard drive or thumb drive and just a couple of clicks.
It has features that are simple and easy to use.
I have used other copy programs but none are as simple to use as Dvdfab.
I have bought the lifetime license and done away with the other copy programs.
I recommend this for anyone wishing to copy dvd or Blu-ray.

DvdFab DVD Copy surpases expectations!

Barry Slim 2013-11-15

I've been using Fab for a good few years now and it hasn't let me down.
The other day I had a disc that was dirty (from my local library - they never clean them!), scratched, covered in a thousand fingerprints and probably mauled by a cat or two! Oh no, I thought, this will never copy a file let alone burn to a fresh disc. Into the drive it went and(gulp!)managed to start. But would it copy a file without stopping half way through? The answer my friend is playing in my dvd player right now! Not only did it copy but it also burned away like a raging firestorm! Good on you DVDFAb!!! I recommend you to the most ardent sceptic.


Liloy 2013-11-09

The most successful investment recently, exceeds what i have paid, I am so glad that I decided to purchase DVDFab.

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