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4.8 stars

Wise Up!

Joseph Howard 2015-12-30

I installed this software and before I could try it, a new version hit the internet. So I download the new version and installed it. By the time I got to try the newer version, another version was out. I downloaded and installed that only to find a newer version than the new version I just got was out. I downloaded that and installed it only to find another yet a newer version was out. As a result I uninstalled the software and have never used it again. Apparently there will never be a real Final Version of this software, only weekly updated versions forever and ever. In spite of that fact, the software is very good if you can keep up with the constant updates. I suggest you put off the updates until you create a product that needs no updating.

DVDFab Reply: Hi Joseph, thank you for your positive review and you really give us a very good advice. The reason why we keep on updating DVDFab is to support more discs. Users can choose to shut down the update auto-checking function. I have transfered your review to our software development department. They will review your idea and make the possible modifications if it needs.

Nice for a backup plan!

Molly Murphy 2015-12-29

I mainly use my DVDFab to rip my DVDs to my computer HDD and then keep them on my own server so that I can go back if need be. As you know,we should always have a backup plan.

The free portion of DVDFab also very useful!

Marc Bulandr 2015-12-22

Just share one of my experiences here.If you are copying the whole disc then even the free portion of DVDFab (DVDFabDecrypter) should do the job unless the movie is a brand new release and you are in a hurry to rip it.

One of the top best apps!

Belinda Burke 2015-12-15

I've used the free DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip my DVDs for years, but it is having trouble reading the latest DVDs for sometimes. I have the newest version ( So I do have the need to "buy or renew DVDFab "DVD Copy".I do think thsi DVD Copy application is among the top best ones.

awesome company

james 2015-12-10

they have provided excellence in backing movies that could get scratched or lost ect..and much more they have a great player and every product is superior to competition thanks guys for all the hard work over the years its paid off well for everyone thanks again James

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