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4.8 stars

One of the top best apps!

Belinda Burke 2015-12-15

I've used the free DVDFab HD Decrypter to rip my DVDs for years, but it is having trouble reading the latest DVDs for sometimes. I have the newest version ( So I do have the need to "buy or renew DVDFab "DVD Copy".I do think thsi DVD Copy application is among the top best ones.

awesome company

james 2015-12-10

they have provided excellence in backing movies that could get scratched or lost ect..and much more they have a great player and every product is superior to competition thanks guys for all the hard work over the years its paid off well for everyone thanks again James

Making copy is a piece of cake!

Marie Claire 2015-12-02

It's always advisable to take backups of my DVD movies using dvdfab dvd ripping tool.Coping or Backing up DVDs is a bit of a affair.Oh yeah, if you can get it, I think the it should be the best DVD sopy software.

A great companion for my DVD!

Diana Birdsall 2015-11-25

How can i copy a protected DVD well?I ever asked myself this kind of qutestions. As when i simply copy it, it says it is protected. Since I downloaded DVDFab and became its user,i back up the dvd and then burn the image file using this programme. Luckily, it is working well all the time.It is a great companion for my DVD movie collection.

Sono passato dalla pecorella alla scimmietta ( questione di evoluzione )

Fabio 2015-11-23

Per molti anni ero devoto ai prodotti con la pecora dolly che li contraddistingue per esser famosi per esser capaci di perfetta clonazione.<br />
Da quando ho provato i prodotti con la scimmietta ( DVDFAB ) ho completamente abbandonato Dolly: niente problemi e perfetti risultati, se fosse vivo Dawin sarebbe anche lui d'accordo con me.

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