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4.3 stars

professional tool

chengjje 2014-02-10

simple and easy to use UI,one click to create dvd with beautiful menu.

Easier to use and feel friendly

Constance 2014-01-20

While searching for such software I came across DVDFab DVD creator and found it to be quite user friendly and option rich.It is much easier for me to learn to operate.

very easy to use ruined several DVD disc.

lluring 2013-11-11

It worked without problem the first time I tried. Very intuitive.

It does exactly what I need.

catall 2013-11-11

On my Windows 8 computer, DVDFab DVD creator is awesome. It is very intuitive, it's fast and it makes good quality DVD's. I use it mostly to encode MP4 video from YouTube to disks. It does exactly what I need.

Great product until you get ripped off

Alfred Raff 2013-10-22

Had this software since 09 when suddenly my signon credentials just vanished into thin air. Ellen who contacts you when you complain that you can't sign on tells you in a very nice way to go to he......... I really liked this software as it is easy to use but I will have to find another software since I no longer trust them. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!
Admin: Thank you very much for your support to DVDFab. According to our support team, you can't supply enough info for to check out the order. If you have any purchasing issues, you need to provide us the email address you used to purchase the software or your order number for us to check out your license status.

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