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4.7 stars


Conrad 2015-03-10

DVD Ripper gives me possibility to preview the movie titles like a real DVD media player, allows me to view the progressive details in ripping process. The movie can be customized freely to my needs!

Batch conversion fast!

Ellis 2015-03-10

This ripper tool gets me out of tedious and painful work in ripping and converting titles one by one, for it supports batch conversion and multi-core CPUs to save my time, energy and the conversion speed is quite fast within ten minutes or so.

Video control!

Clyde 2015-03-09

DVD Ripper for Windows enables me to select my favorite video tracks and subs for the output. Besides, I can control the subs as to extract to idx/sub or render directly to video. One strong point is that I can watch movies with only forced subs.

Love it very much!

Prescott 2015-03-06

The latest version of DVDFab makes it easier to rip the right title, has better control over how the software outputs audio and video. Also, its Edit option allows me to set the start and finish time to the video if needed.

Customize my video!

Edward 2015-03-05

DVDFab embraces a best Ripper program, enabling me to set parameters, like resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate etc. Besides that, DVD Ripper comes with a merge module that allows me to combine several DVDs to one video format before I rip and convert it onto my hdd.

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