4.9 stars

Works perfectly with my newest iphone!

Deborah Stevens 2016-01-28

It proved to work with my newest iPhone 6S and iOS 9. Super fast data Scan and recovery speed.It is also not expensive for me compared to other software.

Bingo! You Got Get This, Buddy!

Branden 2015-09-28

I didn't give this software a second look until one day I unintentionaly deleted a message from my iPhone 5s. When I did need a tool to get that message back, I recalled this one, and decided to give it a try, and the result was very happy, it successfully got me the message. So basically, it works as decribed.

It is already working on iPhone 6S running iOS 9

Mike 2015-09-18

Just bought an iPhone 6s last week, and it happened yesterday that I unintentionally removed a WhatsApp attacment, and to my surprise, when I try to use it to get it back, it just did it. I seems that I've made a correct decision in buying this software. Thanks again, guys out there!

Very good user experience

Mobbi 2015-09-16

This software does exactly as described and works very simple and it helps me get my lost data easily from my iPhone. So I feel very happy to recommend it to friends.

Smarter than the messed up iTunes

Leslie 2015-08-25

The reason lead to my decision to buy this software is that it allows me to selectively select the lost items to recover, which the stupid iTunes does not, and it even lets me preview and edit the notes items before I actually hit the recover button. Nice app and nice job. Guys, this is a must-have thing you got have.

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