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DVDFab Media Player for Mac

4.6 stars

it´s not possible to move the video window to 2nd screen/display in Mac version

matthias rebbe 2015-03-20

Hi,<br />
on Mac it is still not possible to move the video window to the 2nd screen on a dual monitor system.<br />
<br />
Therefore only 3 Stars.

Bravo! the Video Conversion Feature

Vanessa 2015-03-06

I must speak good for the video conversion feature, which is exactly what I was looking for, to convert the movie from where I left and then take the converted video to continue watching on my iPad while commuting to place where I work. You guys are genius!

Small sized player app but works good enough

Betty 2015-03-05

Compared to those huge-sized player app, this one takes only a few free space on my C disk, and it plays everything I throw at it. Amazingly good app.

Image is sharp and clear

Annie 2015-03-05

Just played my newly purchased Blu-ray disc, the American Heist, the image looks very sharp and crystal clear on my MacBook Pro. Very nice software!

Feature Request: Open the URL to Play Videos

Danielle 2015-03-04

I am new comer of this media player. Frankly speaking, it betters several media player apps I've tried, however, it is still not perfect yet, as it lacks the capability of playing videos via a URL. Please add this feature in the future updates. It is very important to guys who watch a lot of online videos like me. I am sure people gonna like it.

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