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DVDFab Media Player for Mac

4.6 stars

Excellent yet not perfect

Sam 2015-02-04

This is an excellent media player that outperforms many competitors out there. However, it is not perfect yet, some details are still need to be polished or improved.To mention one, the rotation feature for example, it should be able to rotate the videos shot under a wrong angle automatically, instead of manually doing that. Hope this becomes true in the future updates.

Nice interface and skins

Luna 2015-02-03

This is one of the minority media players that allows guys to change skins, and more importantly to me is that there are several beautiful skins, if in the future, I were able to customize the skin with my own picture what would be extremely fantastic.

Awesome media player

Nguyen 2015-02-02

Really awesome media player app on Mac, supporting the laster itration of OS X 10.10, and plays back tons of file formats. In the meantime, very easy and fun to use.

Some Really Good Features are Showing up

Joe 2015-01-29

Through several recent updates, I found this Mac media player were constantly rolling out some really good features which competitors are not even aware of, such as the video conversion, playback of online videos, playback speed adjustment, and Apple Remote support, etc. These really make my playback experience improved a lot. Keep the good work going, DVDFab developers! You guys rock!

Nice software for me!

Nancy 2014-12-30

DVDFab has every feature you'll ever need, the best GUI available for video players, excellent video-playing capabilities that can only be matched by the mighty VLC player, you can customize the hell out of it, and it has superb product support to boot. It's the best video player ever.

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