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DVDFab Media Player for Mac

4.6 stars

rewarding and work well

Antoin 2014-12-04

I have windows media player. I have the latest DVD movie disk in my laptop but i can't find a way that available to watch it.I got one tip from my friend and download dvd fab media player for mac Mac. Amazing! It worked well for me. I then became its registered user from then on. It is really rewarding for me.

A highly rated player!

Bartone 2014-11-11

A highly capable player, even though it has some minor drawbacks. For being free, capable of playing various formats, it deserves to be tried.

It is the ideal player for my collection!

Hubery 2014-10-14

I am looking for the ideal player for my entire multimedia collection. DVDFab Media Player for Mac will make unsupported formats a thing of the past. It plays not only popular formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, and FLV, but also many less common ones. Use it as a WMV Mac player and open Windows Media Video (WMV) as well as dozens of other file types, including, H.264 and H.265 video, and more.

I expect more from the DVDFab Media Player

Louisa 2014-08-21

I do think DVDFab Media Player have a nice visual experience for us. However,it can't run under Yosemite quite well. I expect it can support more in the near future! Thanks!

Getting better and better!

Bernard 2014-08-13

I did a fair amount of testing with this player when it was first released. The action sequence I selected in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Pt.2 turned into a slideshow. TMT3 played the same clip quite well.I have to say that the player is starting to get better and better!

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