Media Player for Mac


DVDFab Media Player for Mac

4.6 stars

It is the so-called outstanding BD Media Player!

Benchmadrk 2014-07-01

After some time I used this player,I can say it comes with no laggings and can allow me to have a very nice visual experience.Also I think if you are looking to play Blu-ray ISO files, then DVDFab Media Player will not let you down. In fact the easy user interface is one of the major attractions of this media player.The full version is really an outstanding BD Media Player!

Plays every video format without any problem

Chiang 2014-06-07

Plays MKV files Perfectly!! Yes! The font of the subtitles for the video is nice and smooth, readable.

perfect video and audio player!

Joy 2014-06-07

It is very good, i used for many years without problems.

So happy to play my Bluray disk very well

Joehaha 2014-06-06

i am trying to play my new blu-ray which my friend sent me one day on my Mac computer.However,I found no available way to play the disk very well.It doesn't work as I had expected.However,when I heard this player from someone.I bought it and it turns out to work properly.I feel so happy about it.

Best for Macs

BBSY 2014-05-16

This app works and does what it's suppose to do better anything else available for the Mac. Great app!

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