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DVDFab Media Player

4.4 stars

the world's leading Blu-ray Player Software

sam 2014-03-09

It not only plays Blu-ray & DVD discs with Blu-ray Navigation Menu , but also plays Blu-ray & DVD folders, ISO image files and other video files in all formats.

A New Multifunctional Media Player for all my need

ginger 2014-03-09

DVDFab Media Player offers lifetime free playback of Blu-ray & DVD ISO files, folders and other video files, and 30 days free trial to play real Blu-ray & DVD discs. DVDFab Media Player is your ultimate choice for your Windows PC and notebooks.

Lovely program

azaoo 2014-03-06

This application can play many types of video. I don't have to pay any fee for downloading and using. With this application, i can enjoy my favorite videos perfectly, so beautiful.

Made good video quality.

hpile 2014-03-06

It is a good player to enjoy HD videos. Even though it does not have any acceleration functions, it still produces high quality of Blu-rays/DVDs and it runs fast.

Full Menu Navigation

cloney 2014-02-26

Better navigation is really important for users today as they would like to have better control of the software they are using. DVDFab Media Player offers users with full navigation menu which is available for Blu-ray. This is something that can offer a better level of experience for users that are interested in watching blu-ray movies on their computers. With DVDFab Media Player users can get full control of what they want to see and what they want to skip allowing them to decide what they want in a better way.

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