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DVDFab Media Player

4.4 stars

allowed watch Cinavia protected movie

gosipemaker 2014-02-21

DVDFab Media Player offers full support and therefore users can make use of Cinavia protected Blu-rays and videos. Users that want to watch their favorite movies on their Windows desktop or laptop now can go ahead with their Cinavia protected blu-ray discs and enjoy it.


zac 2014-02-21

It offers full navigation menu for Blu-ray movie. Full navigation menu is important to have better control and therefore it allows the users to decide how they want to control and play the movie. Now, users can select which part of the movie they want to see or they can play the main movie. This actually makes it easier for the users to handle their movie experience in a better way.

Better than the Rest

sam 2014-02-21

DVDFab Media player does not waste time when it comes to launching the program. The software is designed to offer superior speed during the launch and it instantly plays the files that you want to see. The software also supports newly released movies and extracts information from the internet about everything related to the movie offering users with better real time updates. The software also comes with better play list menu that allow users to quickly select files and toggle between multiple files effortlessly.

Works well with high image quality!

yingzzh 2014-01-27

It is easy to operate and works well and I enjoy the wide screen with exciting movies.

Good Software

baotao 2014-01-27

Fantastic and easy to install, runs perfectly and self installs flawlessly. I installed the software and everything works great.

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