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DVDFab Media Player

4.4 stars

The easiest solution ever!

Debbie Gilbert 2015-06-29

There are quite many users who require a media player to use. But when it comes to rendering Blu-ray content on your computer, paid solutions like DVDFab Media Player seems to be the easiest way to go.

Nice player, with some limitations.

B. L. 2015-04-20

It's a player that will play most anything, even blu rays, but doesn't support 3d burned with it's own burner! They always come out with the 3d option greyed out, but work fine on my stand alone player, which of course has no headphone jack.

works as it claims

Miguel 2015-03-06

Not the best video player on the Windows platform however works without a problem as it claims. Still presents some lagging issue when playing large size 4K videos. Considering the fact that 4K UHD is not mature yet, hope this player gets better and better.

Let me watch my video collections

Angelica 2015-03-06

A very dependable video player out there which plays my video collections without a problem, most of which are mov, avi, and mkv videos. Seldom crashes, and constantly updated with fixes.

My No. 1 video player now

Erica 2015-03-05

I have this video player on my PC, the free version by the way, it plays all my personal videos, including the videos shot by my cell phone, and digital camera. The operation is easy and user-friendly. I do not have any Blu-ray disc yet, but if I shall step into that field in the future, I will definitely give the Pro version a shot.

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