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DVDFab Media Player

4.4 stars

Best Player

xiaoshiF 2013-11-26

Quick starting, easy to use video and audio program. Doesn't use a lot of memory and is very, very stable. Easy to use controls and pulldowns.

nice player

Hebe 2013-11-26

supports Blu-ray and DVD menu,<br />
plays my video files just fine,<br />
Clean, easy-to-use interface.

Expensive but very functional Media Player Software

Iris 2013-11-23

I already have DVDFab Media Player running on my PC, which works just fine. It also has no problem playing any 2D or 3D Blu-Ray moving I've thrown at it.

It Works well and fulfills my needs

Nani 2013-11-23

i bought an Aiptec 3D camera, but the on board software was corrupted. I bought Total Media Six, but it didn't work on Windows XP. Media player does the job so I can watch in 3D on XP.

Great except for lack of 3D Blu-ray Support

Nicholas Radil 2013-11-21

Great except for lack of 3D Blu-ray Support

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