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DVDFab Media Player

4.4 stars

Impressive menu.

Ayo 2014-08-20

DVDFab Media Player is elegant and superior, but never stop forward steps. Always update new functions.

Great for playing movies, vids

Hoshi 2014-08-13

Very lightweight, fast, keyboard shortcuts, supports dual displays.

Fully customizable

Ansel 2014-08-13

It is very good, i used for many years without problems.

Great software, highly reliable and light weight

Natasha 2014-08-13

With a little tweaking you can get it to repeat if you like. You can get it to show time remaining out of total time, by clicking on the time displayed several times. It uses very little in the way of resources.


Yukly 2014-08-07

If you want to enjoy Blu-ray movies with home-cinema, DVDFab Media Player is an excellent choice.

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