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DVDFab Video Converter

4.4 stars

lightweight and efficient!

Mujtaba Zafar 2015-07-27

DVDFab's Video Converter is a lightweight and efficient piece of software whose main purpose resides in offering you a straightforward method of turning videos from one format to another, while also being able to edit various aspects of the output file, including size, framerate or duration.

Easy in use

Grao 2015-07-15

It converts everyhing.<br />
You can easily convert the videos from one to another format by using this software.

It's all very easy!

Kelly Swallow 2015-06-23

Video conversion tools can sometimes be scary, complex, intimidating - but not this one. If your needs are basic then you can just drag in your files, choose the output format you need from the wide selection on offer, click "Convert Now!", and the program will go to work. It's all very easy.

A tool for me to make convert easily

Yangyu 2015-04-07

This converter tool is easy for me to convert any video to different format.<br />
it is really useful for me.

Good...but needs work

Cody Lovett 2015-03-13

Dvdfab Video Converter is a great product but the quality of the output file is missing detail. For example it NEEDS to be sharpened up some. If y'all could please add a sharpening filter that the user could manually adjust then I'll happily change this rating to a 5 star

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