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The Best Video Converter For Samsung Galaxy SII On Mac

The conventional phones are gradually losing their shining loops, because smart phones are marginalizing them. Nowadays, phones are more than just making calls, texting messages, or playing boring little games from a black-white tiny screen, people are surfing internet, watching movies, sending E-mails, synchronizing data’s from cloud, editing Word, Excel on their smart phones, just like you do on a desktop or laptop. Smart phones are cannibalizing conventional phones. 


Samsung, the No 1 player in Android family, are pouring more and more smart phones into market, with the sole target at rivaling Apple, the current Giant in the smart phone section. There are several top ranking models from Samsung which have up-scaling popularity among smart phone holders. Galaxy S II 9100, is one such device.


In this tip below, Galaxy S II holders will feel happy to see how to convert all the video files to Galaxy 9100, in just three steps, with the best Mac video converter software offered by DVDFab:


Step 1-> Download the latest version of DVDFab Video Converter for Mac and install it on your Mac computer.


Step 2-> Launch DVDFab for Mac, navigate to Video Converter option and Android mode, then simply drag and drop the video file you are about to convert into the main interface. After doing the audio and subtitle settings, go to the bottom of the main window where you can find the profile selection area, then choose Samsung Galaxy S II 9100.

Step 3-> Click the “Edit” and “Video Effect Settings” buttons and do the Conversion Settings and Video Effect Settings respectively, then hit “Start” button to go converting. Next, wait for the task to be completed.


Note: the key point of this conversion is the Android mode and profile, pay enough attention.


For more information, please go to DVDFab Video Converter for Mac page.

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