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Video to MP3 Converter

Video to MP3 Converter

Video to MP3 converter is helpful when you want to listen to your music videos on your MP3 player, or just out of other specific needs, you want to convert video to MP3 format compatible with your digital player. DVDFab Video Converter performs well as video to MP3 converter. Next let's have a look at the detail.


DVDFab Video Converter in fact can convert video between different video/audio formats, of course MP3 is included in. Just run DVDFab Video Converter, then choose conversion mode as "Audio".

Then import in the source video. And in the Profile drop-down, make sure to choose .mp3 profile.


This video to MP3 converter is user friendly. You can go another step to edit audio parameters via Edit button which will bring up Conversion Settings window.


OK. The last thing you need to do is click Start button, and this video to MP3 converter will create a high-quality MP3 audio in no time. Video to MP3 conversion is just a matter of a couple clicks.


For more info about video to MP3 converter, just go to: http://www.dvdfab.cn/video-converter.htm