There are lots of errors you may encounter when streaming on the Amazon Prime Video network. Undoubtedly, Prime Video is one of the most popular on-demand streaming services available to Americans and people living in select regions. The service is part of Amazon's exclusive offer to its Prime subscribers. Prime Video is available across many devices, and you can also stream on the web using a browser application on your mobile device or computer system.

As with other streaming services, you have to meet certain requirements, and also purchase a subscription plan, before you can stream the contents available on Prime Video libraries. If you encounter problems while streaming on this platform, the issues could be as a result of technical outages or the user did not enter the correct details.

One of the common errors encountered by Amazon Prime Video subscribers is the 5004 error. Thus, this article tries to explain this error and how you can get around it as a Prime Video subscriber.

1. What is Amazon Error Code 5004?

Okay, let's assume you've been using Amazon Prime Video app for a long time, and recently you can't access the network anymore due to an error page "Amazon error code 5004?" Well, one of the commonest causes of this error is your network connection.

What is Amazon Error Code 5004

So to say, this error is not a technical issue that has to deal with Amazon's servers. Most people that go through this error, claim to have experienced it after logging out and trying to log back in, or when they try to sign using another device.

Regardless, there are a number of other causes of this error, and they are explained below.

2. Possible Causes of Amazon Error Code 5004

2.1 VPN or Proxy or Firewall Blocking

Since Prime Video is not available worldwide, some people living in locations where the service is not supported tend to access it using VPNs or Proxy configurations. So, when you get this error on your screen, change your VPN location or disable proxies and firewall configurations.

Possible Causes of Amazon Error Code 5004

After you have done this, try accessing the platform again - this worked for most people that encountered this issue with the service.

2.2 Poor Internet Connectivity

To enjoy online video streams, you need to have a strong internet connection. When your internet connection is poor or unstable, you will find it difficult to stream on most on-demand video streaming sites. That said, if you’re using a mobile network for browsing, try switching to a Wi-Fi network and see if you’d still get the 5004 error.

Possible Causes of Amazon Error Code 5004

Interestingly, there are free internet tools that allow you to run an internet speed test to see how fast or how slow your network connection is. You can take advantage of these tools and check your internet speed stability and latency. Mostly, Amazon error 5004 can be fixed by switching to a faster, stable network.

2.3 Device Issues

Sometimes, simply turning off your device and turning it back on can fix many issues you've been facing on the device prior. So, if you're getting the error on your TV, turn it off and turn it back on. In contrast, if the error is showing up on your mobile device, restart the phone and re-launch the Amazon Prime Video app again.

Possible Causes of Amazon Error Code 5004

Some people would advise that you turn off the device and wait for a few seconds before turning it back on, and this simple act can fix the issues you’re experiencing.

2.4 Cache Data

When you constantly open an app, it gradually builds up cache data based on what you do within the app. These cache files are somehow handy, but they can occupy a very large space on your device, as well as cause the parent app to malfunction. That said when your Prime Video app starts malfunctioning or showing you various error messages, one of the first troubleshooting steps to take is clearing the app's cache data.

Possible Causes of Amazon Error Code 5004

On smartphones, you'd find the cache data in Settings > Apps > Prime Video app > Storage > Clear cache data. Literally, the cache data is found in the "Storage" menu when you open the app on your Devices Settings page.

2.5 Bugs and Compatibility Issues

Over time, as you keep using an app, it gets to a time and you discover that there’s a new version of the app available on your device’s app store. Apparently, every new version of an app is released to fix bugs and other issues that were detected in the older version. So, when the new version is released and you’re still using the old version, it is possible that the bugs on the old version would affect how the app functions.

Possible Causes of Amazon Error Code 5004

Advisably, you should update the Prime Video app to the latest version on your app store. But before updating to the new version, check if your device is compatible with the new version. Sometimes, your device may be compatible with the old version of an app and not the newer version; that said, you should check for compatibility before updating the app to fix the possible bug-related issues.

2.6 Incorrect Login Details

Some people have accounts with several on-demand video streaming services, and mainly, they create these accounts with different emails and also use different passwords for them. This can be confusing and you may be logging in to Prime Video with the details for another streaming service.

Possible Causes of Amazon Error Code 5004

That said, when you get the Amazon error 5004, check back and see if you’re actually entering the correct email and password you used to your Prime Video account.

2.7 Other Possible Issues

If you've tried the troubleshooting tips above and it all seems not to work for you, you should consider uninstalling the app and reinstalling it again. Also, you need to check if you have an active Amazon Prime Video subscription.

Possible Causes of Amazon Error Code 5004

When the error persists after trying all the tips explained in this article, you can go ahead and message customer support to help you fix it. But, a lot of people that faced this issue were able to fix it following the tips shared here; thus, either of these tips should work out for you too.

Amazon Prime Video is undoubtedly one of the best video streaming services with many Amazon original series and a lot more additional offers/benefits for Prime members. If you live out of supported regions, use a good (paid) VPN service and choose a US State as your virtual location.

3. Is It Possible To Download Amazon Prime Video Content?

Sure! You can download Amazon Prime videos, movies, series, and TV. However, you cannot achieve this using a regular streaming video downloader tool. The best tool to use for this purpose is the StreamFab Amazon Downloader; this software tool comes with a ton of handy features and it is completely easy to use.

                                i  Free Download    i  Free Download 

It may also interest you to know that you can actually download Netflix movies, CBS shows on Paramount Plus, Disney Plus movies, HBO Max originals & HBO movies, and U-Next using the correct module of the StreamFab Downloader software.

3.1 ABCs of StreamFab Amazon Downloader

With the help of this software you can download any video or content you find on the Amazon Prime Video network. The StreamFab Amazon Downloader supports EAC 5.1 audio and H.264/H.265 video quality. It is an advanced software solution built for macOS and Windows OS computers. This software lets you download multiple movies at a go, which also implies that you can download an entire season with the app.

Download Amazon Prime Video Content

Interestingly, StreamFab Amazon Downloader supports Fast Speed mode, which makes it possible to download a whole movie in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, this software removes ads from IMDB TV videos, so you won’t see the ads ever again. The movies are downloaded in MP4 quality, which makes them compatible with virtually all media players (hardware and software).

3.2 Key Features of StreamFab Amazon Downloader

Here are the main features of this software downloader tool that makes it stand out from the other options out there.

  1. Pre-Select Audio and Subtitles: Some Prime Video-on-demand movies have more than two subtitles; however, StreamFab Amazon Downloader lets you pre-select the subtitle and audio quality you want for such movies before downloading them.
  2. H.264/H.265 Videos in MP4 Format: StreamFab Amazon Downloader will grab your Prime Video movies in universal MP4 format and in H.264 or H.265 codec, which is compatible with most mobile devices and TVs.
  3. Supports All Prime Video Regional Versions: Amazon Prime Video has the Denmark version, UK version, Japanese version, and so on, StreamFab Amazon Downloader supports all those versions and lets you download Prime Video movies regardless of your region.
  4. Batch Mode and Fast Speed: Take advantage of this feature to download multiple movies at a go at stunning fast speed.
  5. Saves Subtitles and Metadata: If you use media servers like Plex or DVDFab Player 6, you’d definitely find this feature to be important and useful. StreamFab Amazon Downloader will save any Prime Video’s subtitle, along with the caption, tagline, thumbnail, and other metadata info.

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3.3 How to Use StreamFab Amazon Downloader

The first thing to do is to install the application on your Mac or Windows Computer. After that, launch it and follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: When you launch the software, click on “Streaming Services” on the left pane. This will open a new screen with several premium streaming services cards. Click on the Prime Video card and sign in to your Amazon Prime account.
  • Step 2: When you successfully log into your account, look out for the movie you want to download and click on the play button. When the video starts playing, you’d receive a prompt, select “Download Now” to save the movie on your PC.

Download Amazon Prime Video Content

  • Step 3: After the first movie starts and you want to download more, simply search for the videos and click the play them - when the download prompt comes on, select “Add to queue” and the movies will join the download list.

Download Amazon Prime Video Content

Final Wrap-up

In summary, the Amazon Error code: 5004 is typically caused by poor network or incorrect details. However, the other possible causes of this error are explained above. If you need to download Prime Video movies, use StreamFab Amazon Downloader for your download purpose - it runs on macOS and Windows OS systems.

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