Many years ago, when the movie we want premiers on premium TVs, next is to wait until it is available for rent or buy. When you rent or buy movies, you will be able to watch the movie over and again without any limitation - on supported systems or devices. Well, the traditional era has gone by, we are not in the digital era where everything is done remotely and over the internet. You don’t need to hit a movie rental store just to rent a title. Now, there are premium networks that allow you to rent or buy movies online - in some cases, the movies (if you bought the BD version) will be shipped to your location.

One of the most reliable movie rental platforms that exist is Amazon. Yes, Amazon, as a company, offers a wide range of products and services. With Amazon Movie Rental service, you can actually rent movies on the internet. However, it is important to note that you can only watch rented movies for a limited period - usually 30 days. To continue watching a rented movie, you will need to keep renewing the rental service.

1. Amazon Movie Rental Service

Actually, Amazon offers a "Prime Membership" subscription, which allows you to stream different movies and classic titles on Prime Video, as well as watch live TV channels with Prime Video Channels. However, when you don't want any of these, you can simply rent the exact movie you want to watch.

The interesting thing here is that Amazon offers high-quality videos, up to 4K quality, and you can rent those 4K movies if that is what you want to watch. As soon as you pay to rent a movie, the movie becomes instantly available to you. Also, the movie would be added to your list of Purchases and Rentals movies.

Rented movies on Amazon can be streamed on smart TVs, hardware streaming devices, smartphones, and various other devices. Open "My Stuff" to find all your rented movies from Amazon.

Furthermore, renting movies on Amazon is part of Amazon Prime benefits; regardless, even non-Prime members can take advantage of the service to watch the exact titles they want. Rented movies have a limited number of days to last after which they'd expire and you can't be able to watch them anymore. However, until the expiration, you can watch the movies for unlimited times. To get started with renting movies on Amazon, you need to create and verify an Amazon account. The service is available to all Amazon users, regardless of being a Prime Member or not. You will get to see each movie's description, trailer, cast, and user reviews - then you can decide to rent the movies with just a few clicks. The movies will play on any device or system that supports the Prime Video app. Well, it feels the same like you're streaming on Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and the rest of them; however, this time, you're not streaming with a subscription, instead, you paid to stream just one interesting movie.

2. How To Rent Movies On Amazon

Well, it is quite simple; you only need to install the Prime Video app on your smartphone or tablet to get started. Nevertheless, you can still log in to Amazon with a computer and rent the movies you want to watch. Below are the steps (specifically, using a computer).

amazon movie rental

First Step:

Visit the Amazon Prime Video website on your computer using your preferred web browser.

Second Step:

After you have signed in to your Amazon account, click on the Search bar and search for the movie you want to rent.

N/B: Click on the Channels menu if you want to rent popular/trendy movies. In contrast, click on the Coming Soon menu to check out new movies that are yet to premier. Also, there is a "New Releases" menu for recent movies you may want to watch.

Third Step:

The rental price differs based on the quality you want to watch. As mentioned earlier, Amazon Prime Video movies are available in different resolutions, up to 4K. So, you have to choose a resolution quality and pay the price for it.

Your card would be charged immediately when you select a rental option (you won’t see any further screen to confirm your purchase; once you click on Rent on a resolution, you’ll be charged instantly). Well, you can undo the payment if you act fast.

However, if you had set up Prime Video PIN before now, you will need to enter the PIN before renting or purchasing a movie from Amazon Prime Video.

Fourth Step:

After you have been charged for the movie, you can click on the “Watch Now” button to start streaming the movie right away. Also, you can access and stream the movie on any device you own.

For example, if you rented a movie on a PC, you can download the Prime Video app on your smartphone, Roku device, tablet, iPad, and any other device that supports Amazon Prime Video streaming and enjoy the movie you just rented.

You may even get the option to “Purchase” the movie, and if you’re not ready to start watching the movie right away, it’d be available in the “My Stuff” menu.

3. Limitations Of Amazon Movie Rentals

Of course, there are some limitations you need to know about renting movies and series from Prime Video on Amazon. Firstly, rented movies last only for 30 days; if you don't watch the movie(s) within 30 days after the rent, the movies will expire and disappear from your Purchases.

Well, don’t get confused here, this is what it means:

When you rent movies, you have 30 days to start watching them; within these 30 days, the moment you click or tap on the "Watch Now" button, your 48-hour timer starts ticking; after 48 hours from when you clicked "Watch Now," the movie will expire.

That is to say, rented Amazon Prime Video movies last for 48 hours from the time you start watching. So, if you're not going to be chanced to complete the movie within 48 hours, don't press the play button yet, and also, don't stay more than 30 days before pressing the play button.

Regardless, if your rented movie expires, you can rent it again and again - as many times as you want to keep watching; or you could just subscribe to Prime Video and enjoy unlimited streaming.

4. Frequently Asked Questions about Amazon Movie Rental

4.1 How long do I have to watch a rented movie on Amazon?

You have 30 days to start watching, and once you start watching, you have a minimum of 48 hours to still have access to the rented title. Some titles have longer viewing periods.

4.2 Can you rent movies more than once on Prime Video?

When your rented movie expires and you still want to watch it again, you can simply buy the movie or rent it again.

4.3 What Are The Amazon Movies To Rent

There are many of them, you can find them on this page. However, here are a few titles you may consider to rent on Amazon.

The Sixth Sense, Collateral, Almost Famous, WarGames, Blow Out, Arrival, The Pawnbroker, Nobody, The Courier, Tom & Jerry, Voyagers, Raya and the Last Dragon, Nomadland, and more.

4.4 Are There Movies To Rent For Free?

Well, that’s a hard nut to crack; there’s no free movie actually. But, if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will have access to stream lots of titles for free (about thousands of movies for free). However, you paid to be on the Amazon Prime network, so the free titles are just benefits for you.

For someone who’s not a Prime Subscriber, you can check the Watch for $0.00 with Prime on the movie pages to see if you’d get lucky.

5. What More?

You can actually download movies from Prime Video and have them saved for offline viewing - on the device you downloaded them to. Below are the steps to download rented movies on Amazon.

5.1 How To Download Amazon Video Rentals

Downloading movies is only supported on the mobile app version. You can get the Amazon Prime Video app on your Android device or iOS device, including Android tablets, Amazon Fire Tablets, and iPads.

First Step:

Open the Prime Video app on your device and navigate to “My Stuff,” which is where you will see your rented movies.

Second Step:

Go to the Purchases tab and look out for the movie you want to download. Open the movie and tap on the “Download” icon.

Third Step:

If what you want to download is a TV series with multiple seasons, select “Download Season.”

You can follow these steps to download any rented movie on Prime Video. Remember, the downloaded movie will only be available for offline viewing on the device you downloaded it to.

5.2 Download Amazon videos with DVDFab Amazon Downloader

With the DVDFab Amazon Downloader software, you download movies from the Prime Video platform. It runs smoothly on both macOS and Windows OS computers. This software is built with a powerful hardware acceleration technology that fires up your downloads up to two times faster. Its main features are explained below.

 i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac  

The good thing about using this software downloader is that it allows you to download Prime Video movies to your desktop computer in MP4 format, for playback on any device.

Features of DVDFab Amazon Downloader

1. Supports Prime Regional Sites

This software supports all regional sites of Prime Video, which includes US, JP, DE, UK, and others.

2. Saves Your Videos in H.264 or H.265 Format

At the moment, your videos will be saved in 540p and EAC3 5.1 and AAC 2.0 audio. 1080p downloading is underway.

3. Download IMDB TV Ad-Free

Interestingly, this software app lets you download IMDB TV videos without ads. Some people watch IMDB TV with their Amazon Prime subscription' however, they would see commercials while streaming. DVDFab Amazon Downloader will remove the commercials (ads) and download your movie alone.

4. Highly Customizable

You can customize the default audio settings and subtitles per the UI language. This software downloads your movies automatically with the preset settings.

5. Save Subtitles as SRT or Remux Files

More so, this software lets you choose the format you want to save the subtitles of your movies. The two supported formats are SRT and Remux.

6. Batch Downloads

Multiple Amazon Prime Videos can be downloaded at the same time, thanks to the batch download support.

7. Downloads Meta info

DVDFab Amazon Downloader will download the metadata of your movie, which can be very usually if you use media servers.

Guide To Use DVDFab Amazon Downloader

This software is easy to use and it runs on virtually all computers, regardless of the OS version.

First Step:

Launch the DVDFab Downloader application on your desktop screen and click on the “Streaming Services” option at the left tab. You will find the supported premium streaming networks that you can download movies from, click on the Amazon card.

dvdfab amazon downloader

Second Step:

Sign in to your Amazon Account using your verified credentials. After you have signed in, search for the movie you want to download and start playing it.

Third Step:

DVDFab Amazon Downloader would start downloading the movie automatically as it is playing.

You can go back to search and download many other movies following this method. All ongoing downloads can be found in the “Task Queue.”


Renting movies from Amazon is best if you just want to stream specific movies at a time. Instead of using the offline download option, use DVDFab Amazon Downloader to get your movies off Amazon and have them saved on your local storage. The software is intuitive and easy to use. Of course, if you need to download streaming videos from other websites, such as Hulu, Disney Plus, etc., then you can consider other DVDFab Downloader products.