Is there an Amazon Prime video app for PC playback? Are you in need of a nice Amazon Prime video PC downloader that enables you to download Amazon Prime video to PC? As a Prime Video fan, you might be eager to explore more possible ways to enjoy Amazon Prime video, not just limited to online streaming via a web browser. Because online streaming calls for bandwidth and monthly subscription. In most cases, when you are in transit or on travel, you probably want to watch Amazon Prime videos offline on your portable or mobile devices. To achieve this aim, you need to install the Prime Video app on your smartphones or tablets.

Amazon prime video app for pc download & play

What will happen if you are under a poor internet connection? There is another way out there. Turn to the Amazon Prime video app for PC. You can install the Amazon Prime video PC program and watch it on your Windows. Alternatively, the best solution is to download Amazon Prime video to PC and watch it on various mobile devices. Read on for details.

PART 1: Download Amazon Prime Video App for PC Download & Play

It is known that Amazon Prime Video offers streaming services on-demand on an annual basis ($119/year) and a monthly basis (Prime members for $12.99/mo. & Prime Student members for $6.49/mo.). You can start the Prime Video on a 7-day free trial basis unless you register an Amazon account via valid email and add visa card info.

Amazon prime video for pc users: price plan

How do you enjoy Amazon Prime originals or popular movies and TV shows? Streaming and Downloading options are available. That means you can stream your purchased videos online via a web browser and compatible Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players, Fire tablets, and other compatible devices. Besides, when a download option is available, feel at ease to download your purchased content to FOUR compatible devices including Fire tablets (Kindle Fire 1st generation excluded), Android, and iOS devices.

As mentioned above, to download Prime Video titles for offline viewing, you need a Fire Tablet, Prime Video app for iOS or Android devices, or a computer running on Windows 10. In this part, we will focus on how to get the Amazon Prime video app for PC free download so that you can download Prime Video content on PC for offline playback.


  • STEP 1: Go to the Microsoft web store and search for Amazon Prime Video for Windows
  • STEP 2: Click the Get button directing to Amazon Prime Video app PC free download, and then install it on Windows 10 (basic system requirement)
  • STEP 3: Sign up for or sign in to Prime Video account and search for movies or shows available for download
  • STEP 4: Download Amazon Prime video to PC for later playback

Amazon prime video app for pc free download

Note that for movie download, select the option to download the title from the detail page. For TV shows, there is an option to download the entire season. To download the single episode, select the download icon on the list of episodes. Currently, to play the downloaded Prime Video titles over Chromecast or Airplay is not allowed. But you can play them offline on a compatible TV via supported adaptors. Remember this Amazon Prime video PC app contains in-app purchases and merely works on Windows 10.

What Features Does the Amazon Prime Video App for PC Have?

  • Download videos to watch offline, anytime, anywhere
  • Rent or purchase thousands of titles including new-release movies, popular TV shows, and more (available in part countries or regions)
  • Subscribe to over 150 premium & special channels including HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax via Prime Video Channels. Just pay for your wanted channels, cancel anytime, no cable required (available in part countries or regions)
  • View IMDb info of the actors, songs, and details for videos you stream via X-Ray

PART 2: Download Amazon Prime Video to PC for Offline Play

Once you install the Amazon Prime video app for PC, on a Fire tablet, Android, or iOS device, you can download Prime Video titles for offline viewing. However, there are still some limits. First, you can download Prime Video titles on only four devices. Then, you can have a maximum of 15 or 25 Prime Video titles download in total at a time on 4 associated devices depending on your location with your Amazon account. Finally, the downloaded titles will expire within 30 days or 48 hours after you start watching the downloaded Prime Video titles. That will be annoying to undermine your user experience, yes?

Download amazon prime video to pc for free

Why not resort to another professional Amazon Prime video downloader? Here comes the best streaming video downloader, DVDFab Amazon Downloader for your option. First, Let’s check its feature highlights as follows.

  • Download streaming video from Amazon Prime Video
  • Download video in MP4 with 1080p resolution & 5.1 audio tracks
  • Support auto & batch download, 2X downloading speed
  • Download metadata (name, cast, genre, storyline) and subtitles (.srt)
  • Available on Windows (10/8/7), free download for 3 titles

 i  Free Download  

With this Amazon Prime video downloader, you can download Amazon Prime video on PC for offline playback. At the same time, it will be easy to transfer the downloaded Prime Video titles to your portable or mobile devices for play whenever possible. There is no need to worry about the limits of downloading Amazon Prime video to PC and watching downloaded Amazon Prime video on PC. This powerful DRM downloader enables you to download video from Amazon Prime to PC with easy clicks.

Download amazon prime video to pc for offline play

  • STEP 1: Free download, launch DVDFab Downloader, and click the Amazon icon
  • STEP 2: Log in to your Prime Video account and search for the wanted movie or TV shows to be downloaded
  • STEP 3: Hit the Download Now button on the following popup window to start the downloading process

For those who want to download movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime to PC, this Amazon downloader enables 2X speed for the Amazon Prime video downloaded to PC. Above all, it can download episodes in batch, usually 5 videos at one go. Within 3 simple clicks, you can download your favorite titles via this Amazon Prime video download PC program.

By the way, if you want to download Amazon Prime video to PC and watch it on a 4K Ultra HD TV or 4K video player, you might as well upscale the downloaded titles to 4K and burn it onto a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc or as ISO files. With a 4K Blu ray Creator, you will be able to watch the 4K Prime Video titles on the 4K TV via a home 4K Blu-ray player. Likewise, just simply play the upscaled 4K videos, movies, or TV shows on a 4K media player like DVDFab Player 6.


Now you have known the official Amazon Prime video app for PC (Windows 10) and learned how to download Amazon Prime video to PC (Windows 10/8/7) via a third-party downloader, DVDFab Amazon Downloader. In contrast, the latter outshines the former in that Amazon Downloader enables you to download and watch Amazon Prime Video on PC without the limitations on the number of titles download and playback for downloaded titles. In this sense, just feel free to download your wanted Prime Video titles on Windows and transfer them to portable or mobile devices. Moreover, you can share them you’re your relatives or friends. One more word, if you want to download Netflix 1080p content for offline play, DVDFab Amazon Downloader will come in handy. Take good advantage of it.