If you have used Apple TV, you would have come across the Apple TV app which offers you access to several channels that you can subscribe to. In fact, with the Apple TV, you can watch a host of TV channels without the need to download any app. You can watch any content in your subscription without the need for downloading an app on your device.

What is Apple TV?

Apple launched iOS 12.3 and along with it, it also refreshed the TV app and added a feature called Apple TV Channels. The service does let you stream a wide range of content across different genres. This includes the services such as Paramount Plus and HBO. You will be able to watch the favorite content in your Apple TV app, with no need to install any other app on your device.

Apple TV Channels

Apple TV Plus is one of the excellent services from iOS that offers you an excellent degree of streaming performance. Whether the Apple TV app or Apple TV Channels that you may be interested in, you will find the services across several iOS devices that include iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or even on Mac.

How to get Apple TV Channels?

To get Apple TV Channels, you need to be at least on iOS 12.3. You would also find it on Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K which runs on tvOS 12.3 or later. The Apple TV Channels are also available on macOS. You can also find it on a few smart TVs, Roku TV, and a host of the Fire TV services.

The service is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, Apple TV 3, and a smart TV app that supports Apple TV app.

How can you subscribe to an Apple TV Channel?

Watching or subscribing to Apple TV Channels on your iOS device or Apple TV should be extremely simple and easy. It should be an excellent app and that does provide you access to an enhanced experience.

Simply go to the Watch Now tab on your Home Screen on your Apple TV. Scroll down to the list of channels that are prominently displayed on your device. Most of the channels show up as Try it free. Clicking on this option will provide you access to a screen where you would find the in-app purchase approval. The screen should show the free trial option available and the subscription charges that would be applicable after the trial period is over.

Apple TV Plus is apple’s premium subscription service that takes on the players such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and many others. The completely ad-free option that offers you access to an enhanced experience with the shows provided through Apple Originals program. This is in sharp contrast to the Apple TV app which does provide you access to an enhanced hub content for streaming services. The service does provide you access to individual subscriptions to a few channels. The service comes pre-installed with most of the Apple products.

How do Apple TV and Apple TV Plus work?

On your Apple TV or any other Apple product – you can simply check out the options for the streaming service of your preferences. Once you subscribe to a particular channel, you will find the shows and services that are recommended to you directly on your Watch Now tab.

subscribe to a particular channel

As you scroll down in the Watch Now tab, you will also be able to find a horizontal list of channels as well. You can simply select one of the channels and you will have access to content available on the particular channel. You can pick your channel and a show. You can simply pick the show and find the information that shows seasons, episodes, cast and crew, and more. You will find a prominent Play button that should let you play the content without issues.

What channels are on Apple TV Channels?

The Apple TV Channels come with several other options for a good number of channels and services. All the subscriptions are offered on a month-to-month basis and come with a 7-day trial option. None of the channels come with an annual subscription.

If you are wondering what channels are on Apple TV, some of the channels available on Apple TV Channels would include

  • Acorn TV ($5.99)
  • A&E Crime Central ($4.99)
  • All bulk ($4.99)
  • AMC+ ($8.99)
  • Apple TV+ ($4.99)
  • Arrow Video Channel ($4.99)
  • BBC Select ($4.99)
  • BET+ ($9.99)
  • BFI Player Classics ($5.99)
  • Britbox ($6.99)
  • Cinemax ($9.99)
  • CollegeHumor Dropout (unknown)
  • Comedy Central Now ($3.99)
  • CuriosityStream ($2.99)
  • Epix ($5.99)
  • Eros Now Select ($3.49)
  • Hallmark Movies Now ($5.99)
  • HBO ($14.99)
  • History Vault ($4.99)
  • IFC Films Unlimited ($5.99)
  • Lifetime Movie Club ($3.99)
  • Moonbug Kids ($1.99)
  • MTV Hits ($5.99)
  • Mubi ($10.99)
  • Nick Hits ($7.99)
  • Noggin ($7.99)
  • Out TV ($2.99)
  • Pantaya (unknown)
  • Paramount+ ($9.99)
  • PBS Living ($2.99)
  • Showtime ($10.99)
  • Shudder ($5.99)
  • Smithsonian Channel Plus ($4.99)
  • Starz ($8.99)
  • Sundance Now ($6.99)
  • Tastemade ($4.99)
  • Up Faith & Family ($4.99)

The Apple TV channels list here may be inconclusive. Make sure that you check the channels before subscribing.

The figures indicated in the brackets beside the names of the channels are the monthly subscription fees. Before subscribing, please check the actual subscription prices of the individual channels.

Please note that if you already have subscribed to a service, you will not be able to get access to your subscription. You will need to subscribe through the TV app for gaining the advantage of the benefits of Family Sharing and billing from Apple.

Can you download Apple TV Plus Channels?

You can make use of a few of the best third-party services and software options for achieving the best options for downloading the content onto your device. We would definitely expect you to make use of the third-party downloaders for downloading the content from Apple Plus. DVDFab Apple TV Plus Downloader is one such excellent option you would find quite impressive.

You can easily download the movies and other original shows in a high quality at 1080p video quality and AAC 2.0 audio tracks. Being a third-party application, it does provide you access to several advantages and benefits.

Some of the advantages offered by DVDFab Apple TV Plus Downloader can include

  • Access to all the regions – You can download an option to download all the content from Apple TV+ streaming services. You will be able to download the content from a wide range of regions that include US, DE, FR, and JP to name a few.
  • High-quality Download – The DVDFab Apple TV Plus Downloader lets you download videos in 1080p video quality and AAC 2.0 audio quality. You can save your files in MP4 quality. The quality of the video downloaded is exactly the same as that you would stream.
  • Download the Subtitles – The availability of downloading the subtitles can further be an excellent option. You can either embed the subtitles into the video or decide to download them separately as an SRT file.
  • The batch download capability -  The video downloader does provide you access to batch mode download compatibility. You can download several titles simultaneously. You can even decide to download all the episodes of the series simultaneously.
  • Options to download metadata info – When you download the movies and TV shows along with a host of metadata information. You can download a host of information such as movie title, cast, season, and title. This will be helpful in getting access to an enhanced experience in terms of organizing your content.

Well, that was what should make the Apple TV Channels a perfect option for providing you access to a far more advanced service quality in downloading the content from Apple TV.

Final Wrap Up

Well, Apple TV Channels and Apple TV Plus are a couple of services that have redefined the streaming services on an Apple device. If you are looking for an enhanced and full-fledged entertainment options for your needs on an Apple device, this should be what should provide you a far better degree of performance ever.

In case you are planning to download Apple TV+ videos or Apple TV Channels, the choice of DVDFab Apple TV Plus  Downloader should be what would make it one of the excellent choices ever. The ease of use, simplicity and the high-end service quality are a few of the premium options you would find rather impressive and exciting. The 100 percent cleaner software is what should definitely make it one of the practical options ever. Get it once and we are sure that you would be in for an enhanced service ever.

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How do you access channels on Apple TV?

You can simply launch the Apple TV app on your Apple device and go to Watch Now option. Swipe down and go to Apple TV Channels. You can then subscribe to the channel that you want to and enjoy your services to your heart’s content

What does Apple TV+ include?

Apple TV + is a streaming service that includes the Apple Original services. You can get access to a host of content that includes award-winning series, compelling dramas, groundbreaking documentaries, kids' entertainment, comedies, and a lot of other content. The Apple TV Plus channels available on the service are quite impressive.