1. What’s Apple TV+?

Online streaming is a great investment for those targeting the millennial and future generations as customers. Not to be left being, Apple has launched Apple TV+ to compete against the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime. But of course, it is available only to the closed ecosystem of its customers who hold an Apple ID.

Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, Apple TV (3rd generation), iPod touch, Mac, newer Samsung Smart TVs and other devices like Amazon Fire TV, LG, Roku, Sony and VIZIO platforms are supposed to have native support for Apple TV+. And of course, you will be able to play on browsers (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) at https://tv.apple.com/.

free Apple TV for a year

You will be able to subscribe to Apple TV+ only if you have a device with iOS 12.3 or later, tvOS 12.3 or later and macOS Catalina on it. The service has been launched in over 100 countries. It is priced quite low compared to its competitors which is part of its subscriber gather strategy. However, Apple’s focus is mostly on original videos and offers very little in terms of content.

2. Free Apple TV for a year

You get free Apple TV with purchase if you have purchased any new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod touch after September 10, 2021. You can activate free Apple TV for a year offer only within 3 months of their device activation through the Apple ID.

After the end of the free Apple TV for a year subscription, an amount of $4.99 will start deducting every month. However, if you decide not to continue with the subscription, you can cancel it one day before the renewal. This free Apple TV for a year offer is available not only for new products but also for refurbished products under the company's iPhone Upgrade program.

free Apple TV for a year

How to get Apple TV plus for free for a year:

  1. Turn on your new Apple device like iPhone or Mac
  2. Login with your Apple Id
  3. Install the Apple TV app if not already present
  4. Launch the Apple TV app and click on the offer notification that appears on the screen
  5. Click on the “Enjoy 1 year free” prompt that appears on the screen
  6. Authenticate your Admin access if prompted by entering your Apple ID and password.

3. How to get Apple TV plus for free

Even if you are not eligible for the 1-year subscription probably because you forgot to activate it within 3 months of your device purchase or your device is old, you can still get 7 days of free Apple TV plus. Unfortunately, not all the good shows like Little America, produced by native Indian comedian and screenwriter, Kumail Nanjiani are available in the free pack. But if you are ready to binge-watch all the good shows within 7 days, you can make use of the free trial 7 day period to get free Apple TV plus.

free Apple TV for a year

Let’s see how to get Apple TV plus for free:

  1. Launch Apple TV plus using its app on Mac, iPhone, iPad or any other device that supports the Apple TV+ app. Or you can open it on browser at https://tv.apple.com/
  2. Click on the “Try it for free” button and enter your Apple credentials.
  3. Scroll to the “Free of Apple TV” section on the page.
  4. Click on any of the tiles to start watching the video.

There is another way you can get Apple TV plus for free for 7 days. That is by signing up for Apple One. This is a premium service with tiered plans including Individual, Family, and Premier. All these plans provide you access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud storage.

free Apple TV for a year

Just like you can sign up for a 7 days trial of free Apple TV plus, you can register for a 7 day free trial of Apple One which will indirectly give you access to free Apple TV plus.

4. Apple TV Plus for free with Apple Music student subscription

While not everyone is eligible for this offer but those who are, get free Apple TV for a year plus one. That’s right, if you are eligible for this offer, you get 48 months of Apple TV plus complimentary with a paid but half than normal $9.99 a month Apple Music subscription. Those attending degree-granting colleges or universities in the US, Japan and Canada qualify for this subscription. This offer is available for a limited time only so if you want to get free Apple TV for a year, this is your chance.

free Apple TV for a year

To apply for this offer:

  1. Launch the Apple iMusic app in your iPhone, iPad or Mac
  2. Select Listen Now or For You
  3. Click on the Trial offer appearing there
  4. Click on Student followed by Verify Eligibility
  5. This will redirect you to UNiDAYS where you need to verify your student status. Once your status is verified, you will be automatically redirected to the app.
  6. Sign in with your Apple ID
  7. Enter your billing information and payment method if not already entered
  8. Click on Join

That’s it!! You should now have access to free Apple TV with the purchase of this iMusic subscription.

5. Download Apple TV Plus videos for offline viewing

If you want to watch something on Apple TV+ offline, you can download the content just like you can do on Netflix or Amazon Prime. However, the downloaded content is available only for 48 hours and not transferable to other devices. There is also a limit on how many downloads you can do for a particular show on Apple TV+ as well as on which device you can download.

Download Apple TV Plus videos for offline viewing

With DVDFab Apple TV Plus downloader, you can download videos from Apple TV+ from any of its regions like the US, DE, JP, FR, and more. It means, even if you are from India, you can download content from Apple TV Plus that is available for viewing only in the US.

                                                i  Free Download  

  1. Download in MP4 video format

With DVDFab Apple TV Plus downloader, you can download videos in 1080p quality and MP4 format. MP4 format is supported by all major media players and even web browsers are capable of playing this file type. The audio track codec is of AAC 2.0 type.

  1. Get subtitles along with the video

For those shows or movies on Apple TV Plus that have subtitles available, you can download these subtitles separately as a subtitle file (in SRT format) or remux it to include it directly in the video. You have both these options available.

  1. Batch download

It can become quite tiresome when you have to download a full season worth of episodes and you have to wait for the previous download to complete before you can start the next one. That’s not the case with the DVDFab Apple TV Plus downloader. It supports batch downloading with which you can select all the episodes in a season or all a whole movie series and put them for download.

  1. Downloaded files have full metadata

That’s right! The files you download from Apple TV Plus will come with all the metadata associated with the file. If it is a part of a season, you will have the filenames sequentially named so it appears organized in your folder. It stores all other details like the movie cast details, release date, movie title, cover picture, etc.

This information is useful when you are organizing these files in a media servicer like DVDFab Player 6 which is the best 4K media player and managing tool combined, Plex, Kodi or JRiver.

How to download free Apple TV Plus videos

  1. Step 1 — Download DVDFab Apple TV Plus downloader and install it on your Windows computer. It is not available for Mac yet.

                                                i  Free Download  

  1. Step 2 — Launch the application and from the left sidebar, select Streaming Services. In the main window, you will be able to see all the supported services from which you can download videos. The list will also include Apple TV+. Click on the Apple TV+ icon.
  2. Step 3 — It will open the Apple TV+ homepage. Login to your Apple account.
  3. Step 4 — Search for the video you want to download. It can be a TV series or a movie. Click on the thumbnail of that video.
  4. Step 5 — You will see options Add to Queue and Download Now. Before doing that though, select the audio track you want with the video. Use Add to Queue if you want to start later on after making a list of videos to download. Otherwise, you can click on Download Now to start the download immediately.
  5. Step 6 — You will be able to see how much percent of the video is downloaded, the resolution of the video and the audio codec it is being downloaded.

Download Apple TV Plus videos for offline viewing

If you have a good quality GPU on your computer, DVDFab can take advantage of that to increase the download speed multifold. All you need to do is toggle the High-Speed feature at the Task Queue section.

Final Wrap-up

These are the multiple ways in which you can enjoy Apple TV+. You can get access to free Apple TV Plus for a year or a week or even as a complementary part of iMusic. Apple is hell-bent on gaining market share against its competitors and is not thinking twice before investing money in bringing great original content for its platform. Even if you think that Apple TV+ does not offer the breadth of content compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime, you might change your mind sooner than later.

Once you have access to this service, you will find DVDFab Apple TV Plus downloader a great utility to download your favorite shows or movies. After all, not everywhere you get high-speed internet and a 48 hours restriction to keeping your downloaded files is plain stupid. Make your own media library of your favorite shows from all famous media streaming platforms with the aid of DVDFab Apple TV Plus downloader.

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