In the streaming era, no one feels happy getting left behind and everybody is trying hard to dip its toes into the prosperous streaming pond. There’s no exception to Apple, the most valued tech giant you’ve ever seen on this planet. With the release of Apple TV+, the company officially announced its war against the forerunners like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, the comparatively new Disney+, and others alike, hoping to grab its own slice of the streaming cake using its existing influence all around the world, despite being lagged far behind. However, if you are new to Apple’s streaming service, then you may get lost among Apple TV, Apple TV+, Apple TV Plus, Apple TV App, Apple TV 4K, and Apple TV HD, which is the one to go after and how to watch your favorite TV shows and movies from the streaming service? Read on to explore the fantasy.

Section 1. Clear the Mists around Apple TV+

As we’ve hinted earlier, if you are new to Apple’s streaming service, then there is a chance you may get lost as to where to get started exactly. Don’t worry, no one gets blamed for this, except for Apple’s own confusing way of naming its wide lineups of hardware products and services. Due to the overuse of Apple TV when naming its hardware, apps, and services, even lots of diehard Apple fans sometimes get lost, too, not to mention the beginners. So here is what this section is meant for, we are going to clear all that mists for you.

1.1 Apple TV+ Is the One

Let’s cut to the chase, Apple officially titled its new streaming service with the name of Apple TV+, instead of the long-rumored Apple TV Plus, despite the two literally mean the same thing. So if they would like to call it that way, then so be it. As for other things containing Apple TV in their names, they either refer to the hardware TV set-top boxes on which you can watch Apple TV+ streaming contents, such as the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, or they may mean the Apple TV Apps that you are supposed to stream the on-demand videos with on your hardware devices, or they may also address to the Apple TV Channels through which you can stream videos of other content providers that have partnered with Apple. Anyway, if you only want to stream pure Apple content, then Apple TV+ is the one you should go after.

stream pure Apple content

1.2 What's to Stream on Apple TV+

Now that you know what exactly Apple TV+ is, the next question concerns you most is probably this — what’s there on Apple TV+ to stream? True, unlike Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and others who have been digging the streaming market for years with thousands of TV shows and movies already, it’s only been less than one year and a half so far since the debut of Apple TV+. However, it looks like Apple has been all-in with its mountainous piles of cash to bring in its Apple Originals almost every month, including some award-winning TV series, compelling dramas, groundbreaking documentaries, kids’ entertainment, comedies, and more.

Watch Apple TV shows and movies

What’s more, to best attract viewers, Apple has been working with some of the best big names from Hollywood on its original programs, such as Jennifer Aniston (Friends), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), Tony Kebbell (Planet of the Apes), Chris Evans (Captain America), Jaeden Martell (It), and Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey), to name a few. So here below are the lists of the shows and movies you can binge-watch right now for your reference.

Watch Apple TV Shows — Available as of Now

  1. Dickinson
  2. See
  3. Ghostwriter
  4. The Morning Show
  5. For All Mankind
  6. Fraggle Rock: Rock On
  7. Peanuts - Snoopy in Space
  8. Helpsters
  9. Truth Be Told
  10. Servant
  11. Little America
  12. Mythic Quest
  13. Amazing Stories
  14. Home Before Dark
  15. Home Docuseries
  16. Defending Jacob
  17. Trying
  18. Visible: Out on Television Docuseries
  19. Central Park
  20. Dear... Docuseries
  21. Greatness Code
  22. Little Voice
  23. Ted Lasso
  24. Long Way Up
  25. Tehran
  26. The Oprah Conversation
  27. Doug Unplugs
  28. Tiny World
  29. Becoming You
  30. Earth at Night in Color
  31. Stillwater
  32. Losing Alice
  33. The Snoopy Show

Watch Apple TV Movies — Available as of Now

  1. Palmer
  2. Wolfwalkers
  3. Fireball Documentary
  4. The Elephant Queen
  5. Hala
  6. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth
  7. The Banker
  8. Beastie Boys Story
  9. Dads
  10. Greyhound
  11. Boys State Documentary
  12. On the Rocks
  13. Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You

1.3 How Much Does It Cost You to Stream

Now here comes the pricing issue. To watch Apple TV+ streaming content, you need to pay a subscription fee of only $4.99/mo. after your 7-day free trial expires. For the price paid, you are also allowed to share your account with family members.

watch Apple TV+ streaming content

What’s more, to lure more customers, Apple will also gift a 1-year subscription of Apple TV+ totally for free to those who buy an Apple device, either Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer.

Section 2. Multiple Ways to Watch Apple TV Shows and Movies

Now the core question — how to watch Apple TV? Depending on what you have, there are multiple ways to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Apple TV+, you can choose the approach that fits your circumstance best. But remember, no matter what device you choose to stream on, you will need the Apple TV App, or the TV App in simpler terms, unless you stream directly from your desktop browser at

Watch Apple TV shows and movies

2.1 Stream on Apple Devices

Most diehard Apple fans have at least one Apple device at home, or even more. Then how to watch Apple TV videos on your device? Check out the instructions below.

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users:

  1. Open the Apple TV app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. On the Watch Now screen, scroll down to view Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, or featured movies and TV shows, then select your favorites to start streaming.

For iMac, MacBook, and Mac Mini users:

  1. Open the Apple TV app on your iMac, MacBook, or Mac Mini.
  2. Click Watch Now button.
  3. Scroll down to view Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, or featured movies and TV shows, then select your target item to watch.

For Apple TV Set-Top Box users:

  1. Open the Apple TV app from the home screen.
  2. On the Watch Now screen, scroll down to view Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, or featured movies and TV shows, then your target item to watch.

2.2 Stream on Non-Apple Devices

Well, if you are not that addicted to Apple’s hardware devices, but are somehow attracted by the Apple TV+ service, then you can also watch Apple TV content from certain non-Apple devices, including select smart TVs, gaming consoles, and other streaming devices. So how to watch Apple TV content on such non-Apple devices? The answer is still the Apple TV App that Apple has specifically tailored for those platforms.

The list of Apple TV App supported non-Apple devices:

  1. Select smart TV models from Samsung, Sony, LG and VIZIO
  2. Select gaming consoles from PlayStation and Xbox
  3. Certain streaming devices including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google TV

2.3 Stream from a Desktop Browser

Suppose you have none of the above-mentioned devices, then how to watch Apple TV Plus at home? The answer can’t be simpler — use your desktop browser, Chrome, or Firefox. Just visit on whatever device you have, a Windows PC (including the Surface models), a Chrome OS device, or any Android device.

Section 3. Download Apple TV Shows and Movies for Offline Viewing

Although streaming is becoming mainstream these days, if you want to keep your favorite Apple TV shows and movies offline for collection purposes of unrestricted playback on other devices, Apple gives you the option to download streaming content for offline viewing.

3.1 Download via Apple's Way

How to watch Apple TV shows and movies offline? Similar to other streaming services, Apple also has its own official way of allowing users to download their shows and movies for offline watching. Check out below to see how to make that happen.

Watch Apple TV shows

  1. Open the Apple TV app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.
  2. Go to the channel's page. Or search for a movie or TV show you want.
  3. Tap or click the download button next to the TV show or movie.
  4. To find and play your downloads, go to the Library tab, then tap or click Downloaded.

3.2 Limits of Apple's Way of Download

Also like Netflix, Amazon, Disney, and others, the official download method comes with a bunch of limits that prevent you from keeping the downloaded contents forever. Besides, not from all the devices or platforms you’re able to download the Apple streaming videos.

  1. The download is only restricted to certain Apple devices.
  2. The download is not available via the Apple TV app on Apple TV (the set-top box), smart TVs, streaming devices, and on
  3. You can only keep most of your downloads for 30 days or even less on select content. Once they expire, the contents will be deleted from your devices automatically.
  4. You cannot choose your preferred video quality for download. As a result, the download might eat up your mobile data before you even realize if you’re not Wi-Fi covered, as usually, an episode is around 2GB in size.
  5. The number of titles you can download from certain Apple TV channels is limited, so is the number of devices you can download onto. Once you reach the limit, you will have to delete previously downloaded videos before you can download new ones.

3.3 Download with a 3rd-party Streaming Video Downloader

With many limitations bounding to the official download method, then how to watch Apple TV Plus videos offline without any restrictions? This requires a 3rd-party streaming video downloader software that is able to download streaming videos from paid streaming services. Speaking for which, StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader is the one you are looking for.

Download Apple TV Plus videos

As one of the three working modules from the Downloader suite that can be purchased separately, Apple TV Plus Downloader is designed with the conception allowing paid users of Apple TV+ and many others, to download the TV shows and movies they’ve paid for unlimited offline playback.

                                                i  Free Download 

Availability: The Apple TV Plus Downloader is only available on only Windows platform as of now, but the other two modules are also available on macOS.
Pricing Plans: $14.99/mo., $69.99/year, or $89.99 for a lifetime subscription with free upgrades. A 30-day free trial is also available when you can download three videos for free.

Feature Highlights:

  1. Free trial available for you to download three streaming videos regardless of which site
  2. Download Apple TV+ episodes and movies as 720p or 1080p MP4 videos with up to 5.1-channel audio.
  3. Download streaming episodes in batch mode and with GPU hardware acceleration
  4. Download subtitles and metadata information for the shows and movies
  5. The downloaded videos contain no DRM encryptions and can be played anywhere

The download process is simple that even beginners can handle without any problem.

  1. Start StreamFab Downloader after installation, and opt for the Streaming Services from the navigation panel on the far left side.
  1. Choose Apple TV+ to open the website of with the inbuilt browser
  2. Locate and play the episode or movie you want to download.
  3. Click the Download Now button from the popup window.
  4. Find the downloaded item at Task Queue>Finished.

Bonus Feature: If your computer is installed with a high-end graphics card that is capable of GPU hardware acceleration, then you can toggle on the High-Speed feature at the Task Queue panel to help you download videos at a blazing fast speed.

Final Wrap-up

With Apple’s determination to take on other streaming services led by Netflix and Amazon, as an Apple fan, it could be a huge advantage to watch Apple TV+ originals and also streaming videos from other providers through the Apple Channels feature without having to leave the Apple ecosystem.

In this article, we’ve briefed you on what Apple TV+ really is, the ways how to watch Apple TV Plus content by streaming online or by downloading offline, either in Apple’s own way or with a 3rd-party streaming downloader like StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader.

                                                i  Free Download 

If you have no intention of keeping the downloaded episodes and videos forever, then Apple’s official download method should be enough for you, otherwise, the streaming video downloader is your best shot to keep the downloaded videos for as long as you want.

Furthermore, if you would like to burn the downloaded Apple TV+ episodes and movies to blank DVDs to playback on a home DVD player, then the DVD authoring software named DVD Creator can help you with that. Plus, in case you think 1080p videos are not good enough on your big-screen 4K TV, you can also upscale the downloaded 1080p videos to real 4K quality with an AI-powered video upscaler software.

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