It all seems to get exciting when the holiday season is around, especially Christmas. Families usually go on vacation during the Christmas holidays. However, the pandemic has restricted us from moving freely and enjoying vacations. 

You can still enjoy your Christmas with your family on Disney Plus. There’s no need to be bothered by the lockdown restrictions. You can still enjoy fantasy tales from the Disney world while you conform to the norms of social distancing. Disney Plus currently features all the best Disney Christmas movies, allowing you to watch without any limits. You can stream your favorites from the Golden era and relive your childhood fantasies with your kids. 

1. Can you find Christmas movies on Disney+?

When it comes to Christmas films, there’s hardly any other studio that’s produced original and amazing content to delight you on Christmas than the Walt Disney Studios. 

The company is the pioneer in producing animated films and shows for an ever-growing audience. From Mickey Mouse to Goofy, and Donald Duck and from Snowhite, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid to the advanced 3D animated films including Tangled, Frozen, Brave and Moana, Disney has made loads of content to entertain you over Christmas. 

However, you may wonder that these are all the films that are fun to watch but are not really Christmas films. Well, that is true. However, you should know that Disney has an entire collection of Christmas films. 

Christmas movies on Disney+

In fact, Disney studios have always been on top when it comes to entertaining fans with amazing, heart-warming tales to tell over Christmas, when everyone is back at home together with their loved ones. Disney’s Christmas films are specially made for families to watch together around Christmas. 

Just like the Halloween and princess featuring collections on Disney, there’s a whole plethora of amazing films that are specially made for the Christmas occasion. From your all-time favorites including Home Alone and sequels and Mickey Mouse and Santa adventures to Olaf’s frozen adventure, you can get it all on Disney Plus. 

Also, you may not know this, but your favorite superhero from the MCU, Iron Man also featured in a Christmas movie. Can you guess the film’s name? Well, it’s the sequel to the Iron Man film series. Yes, Iron Man 3 is actually a Christmas film. Remember, Tony Stark summoning Jarvis and saying “It’s Christmas! Jarvis, take them to the Church. So, you can even Watch Iron Man 3 this Christmas on Disney Plus. 

2. Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

We’ve compiled an entire list of the top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus. 

1) Home Alone 2 Movie

The Home Alone sequel tops our list of 20 best Christmas movies on Disney Plus. Calvin McAllister is left alone by his family again. The movie is a kid fantasy about living in a hotel alone and experiencing the luxury of a five star. The movie is in New York, so Calvin is seen wandering in the megacity. It’s one of the best Christmas films of all time. 

Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

2) Home Alone Movie

This movie is nothing less than gold. Home Alone features some of the best stories. A rebellious kid in the family, Calvin McAllister is mistakenly forgotten at home by his family as they have gone for a Christmas vacation. The series of events will keep you poised throughout the end as Calvin gets into trouble and dodges burglars to save his family’s house. 

3) Three Days Movie

If you love romantic stories, then the Three Days is one you must watch this Christmas. The story is about a couple who have been fighting around Christmas. The wife dies in an accident saving her neighbor’s dog. The broken husband is heard by an angel who gives him three days to relive his wife and he may have a chance to save her life. The movie will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

4) Every Simpsons Christmas Episode Movie

If you’re a Disney fan, there’s no way you can miss the iconic Simpsons series. Even though the Simpsons is not a movie, it’s nothing less when compared to films and other shows. One of the best and longest-running shows on TV, the Simpsons Christmas specials is an amazing watch. You can watch all of Simpsons Christmas episodes in one go. 

5) Noelle Movie

One of the best original Disney Plus movies is Noelle. The tale belongs to Santa and his family. His son has gone missing, while his daughter, Noelle, who’s also the protagonist in our movie realizes that she needs to get everyone back together and clear up the mess before Christmas. It’s a thrill ride. 

Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

6) Santa Claus Movie

If you’re fond of Santa tales, then this film can really make your Christmas day. The Santa Clause, even though it is an old movie, it’s a Christmas classic from Disney studios. The story centers on a man, who accidentally turns into a Santa as the real Santa gets injured. To replace the already awaited Santa, our hero steps up to spread happiness and amaze kids with exciting Christmas presents for which they’ve already waited an entire year. 

7) Santa Claus 2 Movie

Santa Clause 2 ranks 7th on our list. It’s just another Christmas classic from Disney following the prequel, Santa Clause. Scott has been Santa for more than 8 years now and learns that expectations are rising. He’s supposed to deal with several whammies and needs to get married before Christmas Eve or he won’t be a Santa anymore. 

Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

8) Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Movie

If you’re in for some Christmas fun and are fond of Christmas adventures, then this film should be in the top 20. Olaf’s visit to the Frozen land makes up for an exciting experience. He gets into all sorts of trouble and makes you laugh with his crazy jokes. It’s a touch of comedy to the Frozen version. 

9) Mickey’s once upon a Christmas Movie

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas is the prequel to Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas. The film features some of your all-time favorite characters from the Mickey verse. Enjoy the ride as they take you through Christmas adventures in Mickey’s land. It’s a perfect film for kids who are always joyous to hear Christmas carols sung in a heart-touching voice. 

Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

10) 12 Dates of Christmas Movie

If you love time loop fantasies, then what’s more exciting than a Christmas date. The tale belongs to a couple who are reliving their Christmas date for the past 12 years. The lady is about to figure out how to escape the loop, giving her only 12 chances to mature and improve her relationships with others, and to find romance with Miles.

11) The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie

The nightmare before Christmas is both a Halloween and Christmas film. You can watch it on Disney Plus. The film stars a pumpkin who’s already done with the same Halloween routine, so he shows up at Christmas as the fake Santa and conspires evil plans to trouble the kids, who are desperate to meet and receive greetings from Santa.

Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

12) Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas Movie

This has been a kid’s favorite for decades. Featuring five of the most amazing cartoon characters from Disney including Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, and most importantly, Mickey Mouse. So, if you plan a family movie night at Christmas, then this movie may just be the right pick for you. 

13) Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish Movie

Richie Rich is one of the richest kids in the Disney world. On the occasion of Christmas, Richie makes the cruelest of wishes as he says that it would have been much better had he not been born. Surprisingly, the wish becomes true as Richie is granted his wish by a wishing machine. The drama that follows the wish makes up for an exciting movie, which you can watch with your kids on Christmas Eve. 

Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

14) Miracle on 34th Street Movie

A Miracle on 34th Streets is one of the finest Disney creations. The narrative will keep you with the characters till the end. A person who proclaims to be a Santa is challenged in a court trial. Everyone in the town has already rejected his claim. What seems to be funny and stupid for a claim, turns out to be a miracle for the town and its people with the events that follow the Court trial against the ignored Santa.  

15) The Christmas Star Movie

The Christmas Star features a prisoner who has plans to escape the prison. Christmas is around and he disguises himself as Santa to escape the prison. After a successful escape, he’s caught by two kids who are delighted to see Santa. Their demands from Santa will make you go ROFL. 

Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

16) A Christmas Carol Movie

If you’re a Jim Carry fan, then this film is a must-watch for you. Jim Carry has sung beautiful carols in the voices of several characters. Unfortunately, he did not get an Oscar. It’s an animated film, so you may enjoy it with your kids. 

17) Snow Globe Movie

Snow Globe is a film starring Christina Millian, who loves Christmas and is looking forward to having the perfect Christmas. She finds herself a snowglobe, which magically transports her into a new world, where every day is a Christmas. It’s the never-told before Christmas fantasy. 

Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

18) I’ll be home for Christmas Movie

This is an amazing comedy film starring some of your favorite actors including Jonathan Taylor and Jessica Biel. Jonathan is away from home for a long time and is desperate to get back home around Christmas. He appears in Santa’s attire and surprises his family. 

19) The Santa Clause 3 Movie

The Santa Clause 3: Escape Clause is the third movie in the Santa series. The film features Santa inviting his family to visit him in the North Pole. But, this time Santa has been asked by Jack Frost to escape. The series of events finds Santa in the biggest challenges of all, as he’s supposed to thwart Jack’s plan to take over Santa’s place. 

Top 20 Best Christmas movies on Disney Plus

20) The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Movie

Dive into Disney's adventure world with this film. This is a must-watch for kids. The film features Tara who’s been given a gem of a gift from her mother. Her journey will take her to visit four unique realms. The realms are secret and Tara is about to learn about their mysterious way of life. 

3. How to stream Disney Plus Christmas movies?

Disney Walt Studios launched the Disney Plus channel in 2019 and since then the channel has been an immense success. The audience has expanded as Disney fans have flocked to the streaming platform. 

Moreover, the fact that Disney acquired Marvel Studios and Pixar Entertainment and is producing their movies also adds to Disney’s growing demand as the Marvel series will feature on the Disney Plus platform. Long-awaited TV shows such as the Falcon and Winter Soldier and Wanda Vision and the Loki have been launched on Disney Plus. 

How to stream Disney Plus Christmas movies

Moreover, the Black Widow film that takes users back to the time prior to Civil War will also launch on the Disney Plus this July. So, a Disney Plus subscription will keep you poised with all Marvel shows and top films from the Golden era. 

To watch some of the shows and Disney’s special Christmas films, you need a Disney Plus subscription. You only need 8 USD per month for seamless streaming on the platform. Also, if you add 30 USD for a subscription, you’ll get premium access to Disney Plus Christmas movies and will be able to stream the Black Widow as soon as it launches on Disney Plus. 

Streaming the Christmas movies on Disney+ is simpler than you think.

Here’s what you need to do;

  • First, download and install the Disney Plus app from the Playstore or the app store
  • Launch the app
  • You’ll be asked to sign in. So, fill in your login credentials
  • If you don’t have an account, register and subscribe to Disney Plus
  • Once you’ve successfully logged in, navigate to the search bar
  • Disney Plus has a vast library of movies and TV shows. So, search for your favorite Disney Christmas film and shows to start streaming

Remember that, all you need is a Disney Plus subscription to get started with the channel. 

4. How to download Disney Christmas movies to watch offline?

Disney’s Christmas movies are an exciting adventure for anyone who plans to watch them. You can watch Disney’s Christmas movies on Disney+ offline as well. All you need is a Disney Plus subscription to get started. Here’s how you can watch your favorite Disney’s Christmas films on Disney Plus offline;

  • First, download and install the Disney Plus app from the app store or Playstore, depending upon the platform your smartphone and tablet device supports
  • Launch the app and fill in your login details
  • After successfully signing in, surf through this immense library and pick your favorite Christmas film
  • You’ll see a download icon at the bottom of your screen. Tapping on the icon will take you to your Download’s directory
  • When you decide to download a film, tap on the icon given beside the movie
  • To track the progress of the download, there’s a circle around the icon, which turns purple as the download is progressing
  • Usually, a film takes 5 to 10 minutes to finish downloading, depends on your internet speed
  • Once you’re done with the download, you can watch it offline whenever you want

How to download Disney Christmas movies to watch offline

However, you must know that Disney Plus just like other streaming service platforms of Netflix, Hulu, and Prime follows the DRM protocols, which means you cannot download the movie on your device. 

Download Disney Christmas movies to watch offline

The movies and films you can download from Disney Plus will be available for only 48 hours once you start watching. So, what to do now?

Also, don’t forget that you’ll need a subscription to Disney Plus to continue watching offline. Isn’t that too much? To help you save big and be able to watch Disney Plus movies and films on your device offline, we have an alternative solution for you.

StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader: The Best 3rd-party downloader for Disney+

                            i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

The StreamFab Disney Plus downloader is an all-exclusive Disney Plus downloader that offers you some versatile features. You can download Disney Plus movies and shows on your device’s personal directory with the best quality. There’s no need for a subscription once you are done with the downloads. 

Download Disney Christmas movies to watch offline

  • The StreamFab comes with batch downloading, allowing multiple films to download in one go

Download Disney Christmas movies to watch offline

  • You get subtitles and audio files in your preferred language
  • The app is also highly compatible

Download Disney Christmas movies to watch offline using StreamFab

Here are the steps you can follow to download Disney Christmas movies to watch offline with the help of the StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader tool.

  • Download and install StreamFab and launch the app 
  • Navigate through the channel menu and select Disney Plus
  • You’ll be directed to the Disney Plus site
  • Fill in your login details
  • Select a movie and navigate the download button
  • Download it as per your preference in quality, language, and subtitles

Download Disney Christmas movies to watch offline

Enjoy offline movie viewing like never before with StreamFab downloader. 

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the StreamFab Disney Plus downloader is the real deal for you to download your favorite Disney Christmas movies without any hindrance. Plus, you get to download and keep the movies in your personal directory.

No trouble with DRM protection anymore. You are FREE. You don’t even need a subscription to rewatch your favorite movies and shows. Enjoy Disney Plus Christmas movies with StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader.

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