If you are following the streaming services par excellence, Disney Plus should be definitely one of them. Providing you access to a great degree of service quality in terms of the best in class entertainment. The entry of Disney Plus has resulted in one premium question in the minds of Disney fans out there. Now with the launch of Disney Plus, what will happen to Disney Now? What is Disney Now exactly? Let us go through a thorough Disney Now vs Disney Plus comparison.

1. What is Disney Now?

Before we can find the differences between Disney Plus and Disney Now, let us try finding what is Disney Now and Disney Plus. Disney Now is a service from the Walt Disney Company that provides you access to a wide range of content from several subsidiaries of Disney service. It does provide you access to multiple contents from across different properties from the Disney network. This will include different services such as Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

What is Disney Now

Disney Now is primarily designed for providing kid-friendly services such as Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD to name just a few. While Disney Now as a service was not available until 2017, all these channels had streaming services on Android and iOS under the Watch branding from the service.

2. What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus does not perhaps need any introduction. It is a subscription based service that is available in several countries. Owned and operated by the Media and Entertainment Distribution division of The Walt Disney Company, the service has been able to achieve a huge success in just under a couple of years. Even since the service has launched itself in November 2019, it has been able to achieve a huge deal of performance enhancement in terms of the perfect streaming service ever.

What is Disney Plus

The service offers you a huge range of entertainment and you will be able to get access to a great deal of content from all the Disney acquisitions. This includes Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and of course, Disney.

Disney Now vs Disney Plus

3. Disney Now vs Disney Plus – How do they compare?

The two services – Disney Plus and Disney Now do come with the same service quality. They ideally cater to the same audience and can perhaps coexist. The primary difference between the two services lies in the fact that Disney Now caters to the kid-friendly content alone, and Disney Plus does not have any sort of restrictions on the content or its suitability.

Disney Now vs Disney Plus

Yet another difference you would find would be that Disney Plus is a streaming service and can be availed on a wide range of devices that support the Disney Plus streaming service. You will be able to access the Disney Plus content on all the supported devices as long as you pay the relevant subscription charges. The Disney Now service on the other hand is offered to the cable subscribers and is offered as a perk.

In essence, Disney Plus is designed to provide you access to the best possible entertainment for those who have already cut the cord. It can also be one of the excellent services for those of the youngsters who may not be willing to go with the cable subscription. Disney Plus has been a great alternative for those of you who may be looking for an alternative to the popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu to name a few of them.

4. Will Disney Plus replace Disney Now?

We would not expect Disney Plus to replace Disney Now anytime now. In fact, we would expect the Disney Now service to continue with Disney Plus for a foreseeable future. The app is receiving updates quite frequently and that should be one of the reasons that would make us believe that both Disney Plus and Disney Now will continue to exist together.

Will Disney Plus replace Disney Now

Even then, we would expect Disney Plus to receive more impetus than Disney Now going forward. Disney Plus does not yet have a decent library as of now. We would expect the Walt Disney Company to pay special attention to improve the content library on Disney Plus.

5. Can you get Disney Plus if you have Disney Now?

Disney Now is for the cable subscribers and Disney Plus is for the internet users who do not need a cable subscription. That would mean you can get access to Disney Now when you opt for the cable subscription. That should not, however, mean that you can get automatic access to Disney Plus.

Since Disney Plus is an Over The Top or OTT platform, it does not have any sort of affiliation or issues with your cable operator. If you want to get the Disney Plus service, you will need to opt for a separate subscription service for your needs.

6. Can you get Disney Now channels on Disney Plus?

Absolutely. Disney Now hosts the shows from Disney Junior, Disney XD and the Disney Channel. That would mean you will get access to a host of Disney Now shows on Disney Plus. However, getting Disney Plus movies and shows on Disney Now may be quite difficult.

However, Disney Plus is a reasonably new service when compared to Disney Now. The Disney Plus is not yet fully compatible with most of the shows, and thus when compared to the Disney Now service, you may not get many shows and the latest updates on Disney Plus.

7. Can you download the Disney Plus shows?

Disney Plus does let you download the shows on its platform for offline viewing. Just like a host of other streaming services, Disney Plus too does let you download most of the shows on your device for offline viewing.

Downloading the content from Disney Plus should be extremely easy. You can simply sign in to your Disney Plus account and move on to the show that you want to download. If the show is downloadable, you should find the download on the info page of your show. Click on the download icon and your content will be instantly downloaded onto your device.

Download Disney Plus shows offline

However, if you are looking for a full-fledged download functionality for you to download Disney+ videos, it would be advisable to check out the best options for a third-party Disney Plus Downloader.

8. DVDFab Disney Plus Downloader – Get the Best download options ever

In case you are planning to download Disney Plus shows onto your device, DVDFab Disney Plus Downloader can prove to be one of the excellent options. The service does provide you access to a far enhanced experience in terms of downloading movies and TV shows at 720p quality and EAC3 5.1 audio.

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Download Disney Plus shows offline

A few salient features that would make it a reliable service can include

  • A fast and high-quality download – The downloader offers you a truly faster download option. It lets you download a movie in just under 10 to 20 minutes. Moreover, you can get access to a high-quality download at 720p video quality and EAC3 5.1 audio.
  • Access to the Disney Plus regional websites – The service comes with an option to download videos from any of the regional websites of the Disney Plus service. You can access to US., DE, FR, JP, and others.

Download Disney Plus shows offline

  • Options for customized subtitles – The options for downloading the subtitles can further prove to be a great option on the downloader. You can download subtitles as an SRT file or even choose the option to embed the subtitles directly into the video.
  • Batch Download functionality – Disney Plus Downloader does let you download more than one video simultaneously. Unlike most other downloaders that let you download a single video at a time, DVDFab Disney Plus Downloader can be your best bet for downloading multiple content. You can even use the option to download all the episodes of a series in one go.

Final Words

After the launch of Disney Plus, those using the Disney Now service have been confused about the future of Disney Now service. If you are wondering whether Disney Plus will replace Disney Now, it would be worthwhile to notice that Disney Now is not going anywhere. After checking out our Disney Now vs Disney Plus comparison, it is easy to find that both Disney Plus and Disney Now are entirely different services and they would remain completely different from each other. Neither of these services would be affecting the other service in any manner whatsoever.

If you are a Disney Plus fan and want to download the content from Disney Plus, a third-party tool such as DVDFab Disney Plus Downloader should be one of the excellent options for providing you access to a great degree of service quality. The simple interface, high-end downloads, and faster download speed are a few of the salient features that should further improve your experience and make it one of the right choices you would want to go with.

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