There are several reasons why you may find it difficult to access, open, or stream on Disney Plus; it could be network issues, app version issues, geo-availability, or other reasons. Regardless, whatever issue you're facing with Disney Plus streaming, this article looks to explain the various possible ways to work around the situation.

Well, it is important to note that virtually all streaming services can be unavailable at some times. During the downtime, users would find it difficult to access and use the service. Being a new streaming service does not stop Disney Plus from being down; however, most errors encountered by users of this service are not from the company’s side; instead, the errors mostly occur due to user error inputs or the network connection.

1. Disney Plus Streaming Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Disney+ (Disney Plus) is a streaming service available for Americans. It offers movies and TV shows from popular studios such as Disney, Pixar, and National Geographic. The service provides its subscribers with tens of thousands of on-demand content across supported devices, TVs, and systems.

Disney Plus is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company, under its Media and Entertainment Distribution division. As new as Disney Plus may seem, this Disney streaming service already has millions of active subscribers and it keeps increasing.

Disney+ streaming service

Actually, Disney Plus is not only available in America, the service is also available in some select regions, ex. Australia. When you visit the official website, you'd be automatically taken to the Disney Plus version for your country or region, and if your location is not supported, you get an error page.

Before you can stream on this network, you must sign up and verify your details. If you’re an existing subscriber facing issues with the Disney Plus app or the service itself, here are some troubleshooting tricks you need to try out.

2. Possible Reasons Why Is Disney Plus Not Working

As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of reasons why you may find it difficult to stream on Disney Plus.

Disney+ is not working

2.1 Disney Plus Not Accessible On Your Devices

If you find it difficult to access the Disney+ website or sign up on the app, it could be that your region is not supported. For example, if you moved to a European country, you may not be able to access Disney Plus without using a VPN.

Stream Disney+ with VPN

This can happen even if you signed up for the service while still living in America. So, if you find it difficult to access the platform, try using a VPN service and set your virtual location to the United States.

On the other hand, if you’re living in a supported region and still cannot access the service, maybe you should turn off your VPN (if you’re using one), or switch your network.

2.2 Check Device Compatibility

Well, the Disney Plus app is available for many devices, but it is still not compatible with all devices. For example, you cannot get the Disney Plus app on older Android devices running version 4.0 or older versions. So, when you're finding it difficult to install or get the Disney Plus app to work on your device, one of the things to check is device compatibility.

Disney+ not supported on devices

The list of all supported devices that can run the Disney+ app is available on the service's official page. Basically, you can install the Disney Plus app on any of these devices and systems:

  1. Android phones and tablets
  2. Apple iPhones and iPads
  3. Amazon Fire Tablet
  4. Android TV Devices
  5. LG WebOS Smart TVs
  6. Samsung Tizen Smart TVs
  7. Connected TVs, Game Consoles, and Streaming Devices
  8. Amazon FireTV
  9. Apple AirPlay
  10. Apple TV (4th Generation and later)
  11. Chromebook / Chromecast
  12. Roku
  13. Sony PlayStation
  14. Xbox
  15. Vizio SmartCast TV
  16. Xfinity Flex and X1 TV Box

2.3 Poor Network Connection

Streaming online requires a strong network; when your internet connection is not strong, it could cause buffering during streaming, or even stop you from access the streaming service. To solve this issue, if you were on a mobile network, switch to Wi-Fi and see if the problem is solved.

Disney+ buffering with Poor Network Connection

You can also check your internet speed to see if it is fast and stable. A poor internet connection is most likely the problem if you're getting an error like this, "Unable to Connect," and it should be fixed when you switch to another network.

2.4 Update the Disney Plus App

If you just started facing several issues with using the Disney Plus app, maybe you should check if your app is up to date. Sometimes, app versions are among the causes of your inability to stream on the platform. So, it is important that you always update your app’s version to the latest version.

Update the Disney Plus App

Simply open the app store on your device and check if there’s a newer version of the Disney Plus app already, then update your app. This solution works when the app crashes too often.

2.5 Clear Cache and Data

Another way to solve most apps' problems is by clearing their cache storage. Some app accumulates loads of cache data, which can cause them to malfunction. Clearing cache data simply means removing unused app data files to give room for more storage space, and this typically fixes most errors and issues one may be facing with the said app.

Clear Cache and Data with Disney+

On Android mobile devices, here is how to clear cache data files:

  1. Open your device Settings page and look out for “Apps”
  2. Tab on the Apps row and expand the “All Apps” section
  3. Find the Disney+ app and open it
  4. Tap on the Storage option, there you’d see the option to Clear Cache or Clear Data; choose the clear cache option, and if the issue isn’t fixed, come back and clear the app’s data (note: clearing an app’s data will reset your preferences for the app, and you’d need to sign in again).

2.6 Error 83

Error 83 is one of the commonest errors faced by Disney Plus subscribers. The error pops up when your device is not compatible with the app. If you’re getting this error code, all you need to do is to check if your device is among the devices that are compatible to run the Disney Plus app.

Disney+ Error 83

When you check and it appears that your device is not compatible to run the app, don't fret, you could still access the service using a web browser. Simply visit the Disney+ website and stream from your web browser. Alternatively, if you have another mobile device, you can check to see if that one is compatible with the app. More so, you can install the Disney Plus app on smart TVs, streaming devices, and Chromecast; thus, if your mobile phone is not compatible, your TV or streaming stick may be compatible.

2.7 Error 73

If you're getting the Error 73 feedback, it simply implies that you're trying to stream Disney Plus from an unsupported location. Remember, Disney Plus streaming is only available in select regions and countries. The Error 73 code can only be bypassed using a VPN service or move into a supported location.

Disney+ error 73

Well, if you’re actually living in a supported region, and still getting the error, simply restart your device, or uninstall and reinstall the Disney Plus app. This simple troubleshooting worked for a couple of people, it could work for you too.

2.8 Other Disney Plus Issues

Apparently, there are so many other issues you may face with the Disney Plus service, and generally, the fixes are summarized before.

  1. First of all, clear the app’s cache and data (if need be).
  2. Restart your device (if it’s your TV, turn it off and put turn it on again.
  3. If the issue persists, check if your VPN service is active, turn it off, and try to access the platform again.
  4. If you're living outside supported regions, switch to another VPN service (if you were using a free VPN, get a paid one) and see if the issue is solved.
  5. In contrast, if you can’t log in to the app (either on your TV, streaming device, or mobile phone), ensure that your details are entered correctly. If you used a mixed character password, make sure to use capitalization and special characters where they’re supposed.
  6. When you log in to the app and cannot play a particular TV show or movie, do ensure to check if the content is available for your region. Yes, some content on the Disney Plus platform is restricted to certain locations.
  7. Always keep your app up to date to avoid steady crashing and bug issues. You can set the app to update automatically when there’s a new version from the developer.
  8. Error 43 implies that the movie or content you're about to stream is no longer available on your watchlist. You would get the Error 86 message if your subscription has expired, or there's an issue with your Disney Plus account. Contact customer support if you think the error is a mistake.
  9. Error 22 is displayed when you're trying to view a restricted content (related to parental control).
  10. You can always reach out to the Disney Pus support team for assistance on certain issues.

3. Disney Plus Not Working On Firestick

If Disney Plus is not working on your Amazon Fire Stick streaming device, the error could be caused by any of the reasons discussed so far in this article; it could be network-related, availability, VPN, and all other causes.

Disney Plus Not Working On Firestick

So, firstly, you need to check if you're entering your correct details and also check your subscription status. You should also consider updating the Disney Plus on Amazon Fire Stick and ensure that your internet connection is pretty fast.

Note: Disney Plus supports 4K resolution, but you can only get 4K quality if your internet speed is at least 25Mbps.

4. Can You Download Content from Disney Plus

Apparently, yes, you can. It is possible to download movies and TV shows from Disney+. You only need to install a software downloader that supports the service - just like the YouTube Downloader software app. In these modern times, it is outrightly possible to download content from any streaming service, including Netflix movies, YouTube Premium, HBO Max originals, Hulu series, and Disney Plus. Below is the software tool that helps you to grab content from Disney Plus.

Download movies and TV shows from Disney+

4.1 The Best Disney Plus Downloader Software

The StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader is an advanced software app that lets you download unlimited content from Disney Plus. It comes with a clear-cut interface that clearly lets you access all the software’s features and other extensive tools it supports.

                            i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

The Best Disney Plus Downloader Software

With the StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader, you can download up to 10 or more Disney Plus movies at a stretch. The software has a macOS version and Windows OS version; it runs smoothly on both computer OSes. Furthermore, this software supports all Disney+ versions, including the Japanese version and Denmark version.

It is generally intuitive and easy the use, simply follow the guide below and start downloading your favorite Disney movies.

Key Features of StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader

  1. This software saves Disney Plus movies as MP4 videos so they can play on your devices or TV.
  2. The Disney Plus Downloader supports all the available regional websites like Disney U.S., DE, JP, FR, and others.
  3. Save subtitles as SRT files or Remux into the movie you’re downloading
  4. Thanks to the Batch Mode support, you can choose multiple or all episodes of a series and download them at a go. More so, this software supports Fast Speed mode that makes it possible for you to download a whole movie in about 10 - 20 minutes.

Download TV shows from Disney+

  1. StreamFab Disney+ Downloader supports to download Disney Plus movies and shows in 720p quality and EAC3 5.1 audio.
  2. This app saves your Disney movies’ metadata for effective management with media servers.

4.2 How to Use StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader to Download Disney+ videos

To get started, you need to install this software on your PC (MacBook or Windows PC). After the installation, launch the app and follow the steps below.

                            i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

  • Step 1: On the software’s main interface, click on “Streaming Services” on the left tab and select Disney Plus downloader from the available cards.
  • Step 2: Sign in to your Disney Plus account. If you registered with a third-party provider, choose the “Sign in with Provider” option.
  • Step 3: Search for the movie you want to download. When you find it, click the play button on the video to start playing it. While the movie/video begins to play, you'd get a prompt opting that you download the movie right or add it to the queue.

Download movies from Disney+

If you want to change the software settings, you have to do it before playing a movie. The settings are intuitive and you can easily understand the changes you need to make. Below are some impressive features of StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader.


As mentioned at the very beginning of this article, there are many reasons why is Disney Plus not working properly as it should. After reading this article, you should now have a clear idea of what you can do if the Disney Plus not working problem happens to you.

Besides, there is a lot of content and movies to stream on Disney Plus you can enjoy, either online or offline. And when you do want to watch the content offline without any limitations, the Disney Plus downloader offered by StreamFab works best for downloading movies from the platform.

                            i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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