Disney Plus was launched in November 2019 and it provides much more of what Disney channel viewers love. It is a subscription-based streaming site. But chances are that you can enjoy Disney Plus for free. 

If you are wondering how to get Disney Plus for free, you are not alone. Many people find their favorite shows and new series upcoming on this premier channel, simply to find that they have to pay a higher subscription fee for it. However, there are certain ways to get Disney Plus working on your TV.

Here we explore how I get Disney Plus on my TV, either free or for a nominal price.


1. How to Get Disney Plus for Free?

Many of us would love to know how to get Disney Plus for free. Indeed, there are certain TV services or subscription packages that come with a Disney+ subscription. Again, Disney offers a free trial period as well. Again, certain data providers also include TV channel subscriptions in their package deals. Hence, when you opt for such a plan from your regional data providers you would know how to watch Disney+. What’s more, there are certain smartphones that bundle in subscription plans and pre-load apps from before. Get to know which smartphone can get you access to your favorite TV channel for free.


1.1 Via Disney Plus Free Trial

If you wondered how to watch Disney+ around the time it was launched, then you were in luck. There was a free trial period of seven days that was given to customers across the globe, especially in the UK and US. This lasted till the period of June 2020 from November 2019, when it launched. However, if you currently want to know how does Disney Plus work, you would need to get it in a package form, as part of any TV service plan, data plan, or as a perk or membership benefit. Today there is no Disney Plus free trial available of this service. However, as part of any data plan or membership plan you can get to watch the channel for a longer time since usually these plans or benefits extend to a year or more.


1.2 Via Verizon Unlimited Data Plans

If you are a Verizon Home Internet 5G plan user, your query on how to watch Disney + just got answered. There are some Verizon Disney Plus offerings via which you can simply add on Disney+ to the existing plan and get it free for 6 months without paying any additional charge. Hence if you were wondering how to get Disney Plus on my TV, simply get your hands on Verizon 5G unlimited plan today. However, you can add on Disney+ to Hulu and ESPN+, at no additional charge, for a period of 6 months.


After that you would need to pay for the channels you wish to keep. Walt Disney is increasing the monthly rental of the Plus channel, from $6.99 per month to $7.99 per month after 19th August 2021. Hence, you would need to pay the raised fee after the 6 month subscription period is over.

1.3 Buy Select Smartphones from O2

There is yet another solution on how to watch Disney +. For instance, if they own an O2 smartphone, then their data plan will include Disney+ subscription. If you have a pre existing plan and do not wish to upgrade, simply adding Disney+ from Extra section in your account can get you how to use Disney Plus. There is no additional charge applicable, at least for six months from the date you take up subscription. It is easy to choose it from the Extra option at the time of checking out when you are buying a new plan on O2.


In this way you can get to watch Disney+ for six months in your current plan. There is much to enjoy on this channel, from classics to movies and exclusive originals. The subscription also comes with several benefits such as:

  • You can download movies or series on multiple devices, up to 10 at most.
  • You can watch on multiple devices, be it the TV, computer, tablet or mobiles.
  • It is possible to stream on four screens simultaneously; it is possible to set up profiles that are child-friendly; hence, you could watch adult-rated movies on your profile while your kids can watch appropriate content on theirs.

1.4 Through the Disney+ Hulu ESPN+ Bundle

If you are wondering how to get Disney Plus for free you can do so through the Hulu subscription package. There is a Hulu Disney ESPN bundle that comes with Disney+, ESPN+ which is an ideal package to opt for. It combines the best of movies, sports, and shows in a plan that comes at an annual price of $13.99 per month. It is indeed a plan that helps you get access to classics as well as new releases. All three platforms have award-winning content from some great creators and they come available to you at any time.

Disney+ Hulu ESPN+ Bundle

With the subscription you can watch on several devices at the same time as well as download your favorite shows and save them for offline viewing. You can also add on different profiles and ensure that children get to watch kid-friendly and appropriate content when they log on.

1.5 Find a Job at Disney Amusement Park

There is another way how to get Disney+. Walt Disney-associated places are known to be great places to work at. Indeed, there are different kinds of job opportunities that Disney provides along with career advancement opportunities. Those who work in any of the Disney amusement parks are part of this wonderful world of opportunities and benefits. And one such benefit is also about getting access to Disney Plus subscription.

Indeed, if you work at any of the six parks or resorts of Walt Disney you can also get to know how to stream Disney+. Employees become privy to several benefits and one such benefit that they can get their hands on is a free subscription to Disney Plus bundle. Of course, employees get to choose whether they wish to have this subscription plan or opt for Disney Parks Main Entrance Pass.

how to get Disney+ free

Those who do opt for the bundle can get all the benefits that come with the on demand streaming service. These include being able to download shows to watch offline, watching on several devices at once and getting to create multiple profiles with the same subscription package.

1.6 Apply for the Skymiles Member from Delta Airline

Are you a frequent flyer of Delta airlines then here you get one more solution on how to get Disney+. This airline, since December 2019, has upgraded their seatback entertainment options for flyers. In this venture they have formed an exclusive partnership with the Disney Plus streaming service. You can now explore how to stream Disney+ when you are flying Delta airlines. With this partnership passengers can enjoy shows from a range of brands such as Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, National Geographic, Marvel and others. For all those who are flying long distance, they will get adequate time to watch their favorite Disney Plus movies and shows.


1.7 Wish Someone Gift You a Disney Plus Gift Card

One of the ways how to access Disney Plus is to provide a gift card to your loved one. It can be a great gift for any occasion since this streaming service has a wide range of shows and movies. These are of major franchises and brands which make this channel a highly sought-after one for all age groups.


If someone offers to buy you a gift card you can ask them to the official site of Hotstar and Disney Plus. Once on the site, you can search out the gift card purchase option easily. You need to key in the recipient's email and name, to which you wish to send across the gift card. Alternatively, the person who is gifting to you can do the same. The person purchasing the card needs to pay $69.99 for an annual subscription. Once the purchase is done you will receive a link to redeem the offer. You will receive a code on the email which you need to key in at DisneyPlus.com website and sign up. This will open up and activate your annual subscription to Disney Plus.

1.8 Buy Select Chromebooks from Google

One of the ways on how to get Disney Plus for free includes being a Chromebook user. Disney+ debuted in November 2019 and garnered about 10 million subscribers on the first day itself. The following holiday season saw Chromebooks launched with this channel subscription included for free. The offer was extended by Google in the following year as well. Hence, through 2020 Chromebook purchasers were able to get a free three months subscription to Disney Plus.


Those who purchased their device till September 2020 were able to use a promo code and get the three months’ subscription-free on Disney+. They simply had to visit the Disney Plus website and key in the promo code at the time of signing up and creating an account. Also, they had to be new users at the site to enjoy the promotion.

1.9 Ask a Friend or Your Family to Share the Disney+ Account

If you have a family member or friend who is already subscribed to this channel, how to use Disney Plus becomes easy. The person who is the primary user simply needs to visit his or her account on Disney Plus. They can add on seven profiles through a single account. What’s more, each profile can edit their profiles to ensure that they find appropriate content for watching. In order to add a profile to an existing account the user needs to log in and visit the “Edit Profiles” section on the accounts page. Here one can tap on Add Profile and set up a new user. You can then access with the same login details and start to watch Disney+ for free.


2. Compatible Devices: How to Access Disney Plus?

There are different ways on how to get Disney Plus for free and access the same. For instance, you can access this online streaming service on different devices. These comprise Disney Plus apps for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets of both platforms. You can also download the channel app on your smart TV as well as find it on Amazon Fire tablet. Many set top boxes such as Apple TV, of the fourth generation or later also works with Disney Plus. You can also download the app for Xbox One.


3. How Do You Get Disney Plus on Your TV of Any Kind?

On the topic of how to get free Disney Plus you can stream the same on any TV, if it is a smart TV or works with a compatible gaming console or set-top box. If you are wondering how can I watch Disney Plus on my TV, get a compatible set-top box or cable subscription service that will have a Disney Plus subscription included. If it is a smart TV then it will stream through the app which you can download for free.

3.1 How to Stream Disney+ on a Smart TV?

If you are wondering how to get Disney Plus for free it is easy to do so, either by finding the pre-installed app or downloading the app for free. The latest Android TV models as well as models such as LG WebOS or Samsung Tizen come pre-loaded with Disney Plus. If you own an older model you can download the app through the home screen of your cable provider.


Steps on how do you get Disney Plus on your TV which is a smart model, are the following:

  • if you are wondering how do I get Disney Plus on my TV, download the app on your TV’s smart screen locate Google Play, Sony Select or your cable provider’s home screen.
  • Install the app.
  • Sign up at Disney Plus for subscription.
  • Once subscription is done log onto the app.
  • Once the app is set up you can choose the shows or movies you wish to watch.

3.2 How to Get Disney+ on Streaming Devices Like a Roku TV?

Wondering how do you get Disney Plus on your TV? If it is Roku TV steps on how to access Disney Plus are the following:


  • Press Home button on Roku remote.
  • Select the option of streaming channels which opens Channel store.
  • Find the search option.
  • Type in Disney.
  • When you find Disney in search results click on the same and add the channel.
  • Once installation is complete you will find it appearing on home screen.
  • Ensure that you have already subscribed to Disney Plus; you can do so by signing up and paying the membership fee on your phone or laptop.
  • Use you login credentials on Roku TV app.
  • Once you are logged in choose the show or movie you want to watch.

3.3 How to Use Disney Plus on Chrome Cast Built-In Smart TV?

The way on how to access Disney Plus is an easy one, on a smart TV that has an inbuilt Chrome cast. That is because Disney Plus is compatible on all three generations versions of Chromecast. If you own a smart TV that has inbuilt Chromecast you can easily download the app through your cable provider’s home screen. Ensure that your subscription is complete before you log in through the Chromecast app.


3.4 How to Watch Disney+ On an Old-Fashioned TV?

Disney Plus on TV is easy to get, as long as you have a smart TV. The app comes preloaded in many modern smart TVs while on older ones, you can know how to put Disney Plus on TV. This is done by connecting to the internet and downloading the app through your cable provider’s home screen. Simply by typing in Disney+ on your remote you can find and download the app.


Once the app is downloaded you can start by subscribing to the channel. Of course, you need to pay up the subscription fee as well. Alternately, if you already own a subscription plan or have a friend or family member who owns one, you can use the same id details to log in. Once that is done, you can start to watch movies and shows on this premier on-demand streaming service.

4. Is it Possible to Download Disney+ Videos to Watch Offline?

Method 1: Download with the official Disney+ app

Yes, it is possible to download Disney+ videos, shows and movies from the app on your phone, tablet or laptop. Simply log in to your account and choose the show or movie you wish to watch offline. Click on the downward arrow next to the title which allows you to download and save the content for watching later.

Download Disney+ Videos to Watch Offline

However, downloads come with the offical Disney+ app have certain downsides that you mgiht not able to put up with, such as you can only keep the downloaded videos inside the app other than your local storage, you can only have the downloaded contents for a certain period of time after which they simply expire, and you are asked to finish watching the downloaded videos once you begin watching it. Hence, if you cannot bear with such limitatons. It’s time you move on to another 3rd-party Disney Plus downloader software.

Method 2: Download with a streaming downloader software

StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader now can kick in to help. It is a streaming downloader specifically dedicated to download streaming videos from Disney+ service. With many of its perks, you would be able to enjoy your favorite Disney+ shows and movies on any device, anytime and anywhere you want to, without a live internet connection. And more importantly, you can keep the downloaded contents on your local devices as long as you wish, never have to worry them being expried after 30 days.

                            i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

  1. Video format downloaded: MP4 that is comptaible on literally any media player device.
  2. Video quality downloaded: currently 720p, with 1080p coming soon.
  3. Audio quality downloaded: premium EAC3 5.1 channel
  4. Other perks: batch-download, subtitles download and metadata download


Here below is how to download Disney+ videos with this streaming downloader:

  1. Step 1: Launch the program and click on “Streaming Services” on the left tag.
  2. Step 2: Select Disney+ from the cards of supported premium streaming services. Sign in to your account and search for the movie you want to download.
  1. Step 3: Once the video starts playing, there will be a popup coming up, with tow buttons on it, click the Download Now button to start downloading it immediately.


Final Wrap-Up

Disney Plus is a much revered streaming service that has shows and movies of major brands and franchises. With new upcoming shows and original content, many people will look forward to enjoying entertainment on this channel. Find a way you wish to enjoy this channel, whether you wish to know how to get Disney Plus for free or how to access Disney Plus through a friend or family member’s subscription plan.

As far as keeping the Disney+ videos for your local collection, this StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader is what you can opt for to download Disney+ videos at blazing fast speed, and without any restrictions regarding how many times and on what devices you can watch them.

                            i  Download for Win    i  Download for Mac 

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