Just a few years ago, we used to download a huge number of MP3 files onto our computer or smartphone. The days have now gone by. We have a huge number of streaming services that have been specifically catering to the music industry and help you get access to wonderful music to your heart’s content. But, which is the best music streaming service that we would recommend you to go with? Let us check out the best options for the prime music streaming services you can go with.

Section 1. The Top 10 Music Streaming Services in 2021

Well, this is 2021 and the concept of video and audio streaming has become one of the excellent options for a host of application areas. From that perspective, here are our top picks for the best streaming music service you can opt for.

1.1 Spotify

Spotify has been treated as the pioneer or the flagbearer when it comes to enjoying the best possible experience in terms of enhanced and improved performance of a music streaming service. Offering a huge list of curated music discovery services, Spotify has always been implementing new changes quite regularly to its kitty.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Services

In a competition between Spotify and Apple Music, Spotify does win hands down because of a host of advanced features. Some prime factors that should make it a very reliable option should include a simple interface, a powerful catalog, and extensive device compatibility. One prime factor we liked the most with the service is that it offers a no strings attached free plan that does run forever, without any expiry date. It can be the right choice for those looking for robust music streaming and even browsing or sharing your playlists.

1.2 Apple Music

Apple Music can be yet another option that has redefined the music streaming service. With Apple being the second most widely used operating system, it should be what would make it a great option for Apple users. The interface is quite easy to use and simple enough. You would find it offering you a perfect option for curating playlists and providing insightful and intelligent recommendations.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Services

The customization of the library screen and an option for several shortcuts can be one of the thoughtful options you would find rather impressive. The growing number of users has been one of the exciting options ever. The lack of a free tier as in the case of Spotify may be something you would find rather an issue.

1.3 Amazon Music Unlimited

The Amazon Prime Music is an offshoot of the popular Amazon Prime program. Once again, similarly as on Apple Music, you do not have a free service available with Amazon Prime. The music streaming service also provides you access to an enhanced performance standard with automatic lyrics that pop up when you begin playing a song.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Services

If you are already an Amazon user and have subscribed to Amazon Prime, opting for Amazon Music Unlimited should be akin to getting access to an enhanced service quality ever. You can between several plans that include monthly, annual, family, and student subscription plans.

1.4 Deezer

Arriving from France, Deezer has been serving music enthusiasts in several countries globally. The music streaming service does boast of a decent catalog, vast device support, and an extremely user-friendly interface. You can even check out a few of the non-music content which can give it a slightly different look and appearance.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Services

With a 14 million subscriber base, the service has been inching towards being one of the best streaming music services you can dream of. The service also has a couple of options through which you can listen to the music for free. The ability to play lyrics on your TV is yet another premium feature you would find rather impressive.

1.5 YouTube Music

The YouTube Music service was launched recently and is designed to replace Google Play Music. You do get access to a stronger and efficient music streaming service. The user interface of the service is impressive enough. Coming from Google, it should ideally a great option ever.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Services

Having said that, it does not come with a mass-market appeal as with Spotify or Apple Music. You do have a free tier for enjoying your music with ease, but do not have that special feel. YouTube does come with an advanced algorithm that checks the views and other details to provide you the best possible recommendations.

1.6 Qobuz

Qobuz is not one of the popular streaming services. But still, it does provide you access to powerful functionality. The advanced features offered by Qobuz can prove to be one of the excellent options ever for practically all your requirements and music streaming requirements. The service does offer you over 70,000 24-bit hi-res albums.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Services

In addition to letting you streaming powerful content, it also provides you access to an option to download the tracks at discounted pricing. The service is available in several formats that include desktop, web player, and mobile apps which should ideally make it something you would cherish for hours together. The catalog offers you a great balance in terms of content.

1.7 Primephonic

Primephonic has been rated t be one of the high-end options for providing you access to a stronger presence of classical music. The service does come with more than 3.5 million modern and traditional classical travels. The service does let you download the tracks which should further make it one of the excellent choices.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Services

The high-resolution streaming offered by Primephonic can further make it one of the excellent choices. The CD-quality music that you get access to can further make it one of the most reliable options ever. You do not need to worry about connection drops, buffering, or any other issues. The free version does let you use it for 14 days free before you make up your mind to fight it.

1.8 Pandora

Created as one of the best alternatives for traditional music, Pandora has been considered to be one of the high-end options ever. It can be one of the exciting choices for most of your expectations in terms of an enhanced passive listening experience ever. You get access to a system where you will be able to play songs one after another or even on-demand.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Services

The software does provide you access to enhanced and improved performance with advanced features. The service has been finding its popularity dwindling over the years. This may have something to do with the growth with the growing number of subscribers on other services such as Spotify. Pandora does not have a global presence but operates only in a few countries.

1.9 Tidal Music

The Hi-fi music option offered by Tidal should ideally make it one of the highly preferred options ever for practically all your expectations. If you have a great sound system, this should be one of the exciting solutions you would want to go with. The best music streaming service does provide you competitive pricing for individuals, families, and students. One of the strongest competitors for Spotify, Tidal has been garnering high-end popularity.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Services

You do have a good collection of both new and old music. The service also hosts curated and bespoke playlists, music videos, and other exclusive content. The service does let you download the content for offline viewing on Tidal which should be a practical option if you are moving into any area that has no options for the internet.

1.10 iHeartRadio

The iHeartRadio is a radio conglomerate and has been designed as one of the excellent choices for your needs and expectations in terms of the best music streaming services. Of course, when you compare it to the traditional music streaming services, you may not find it meeting all the requirements as such. Nevertheless, it does offer you a very decent performance.

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Services

If you love your local DJs, you will definitely find it one of the excellent choices you would find rather impressive and exciting. The app and its streaming service do provide you access to an enhanced and improved service quality. The service, for some reason, does not share information on the number of users currently using the streaming service.

Section 2. Download Streaming Music from the Music Streaming Services

Most of the streaming services do let you download the content available on it through the built-in download options. However, the default downloads do come with a few specific limitations. In certain cases, the downloaded content may also have an expiry date.

Most of the music streaming services do restrict the use of the downloaded content on the specific service alone and the content will not be accessible on any other device. You may not be able to share the downloaded content. To lift and address the concern, it is quite advisable to opt for a third-party music downloader that can help you download the content without any issues. One such great tool you would find rather impressive can include StreamFab YouTube to MP3 from the All in One StreamFab Downloader.

Best Streaming Music Downloader

StreamFab YouTube to MP3 – one-stop solution to download streaming music

If you look at the possibility of downloading the songs and music from the music streaming services, the StreamFab MP3 downloader should be one of the excellent options you would perhaps not get anywhere else. The software does let you download online music videos to MP3 in 320 Kbps.

                              i  Free Download    i  Free Download

The downloader service does get access to popular video and audio sharing options from the sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Mixcloud, and a host of other 1000+ sites. It can also work with a host of music streaming services that may or may not work comfortably on a mobile device.

Download Streaming Music from the Music Streaming Services

Some of the features that would make it one of the excellent options for downloading content from music streaming services can include –

  • Ability to download streaming music in 320 Kbps – The downloader dos support several download options such as 320 kbps/192 kbps/128 kbps resolution. This will help you enable a flexible and efficient playback on several devices that include iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, Apple Watch, or Android Watch.
  • Download an entire playlist – The MP3 downloader from StreamFab can help you download the whole playlist with one single click. You do not need to download the tracks or songs one by one. All the songs in the playlist are downloaded in the background.
  • Download Metadata – The downloader can download the additional information on the audio track and embeds it within the audio download. This metadata can be helpful in letting you arrange the downloaded content in a very easy manageable way.
  • Faster download options – The software dos provide you an enhanced and faster downloading option. The turbo speed option offered when downloading the content can be one of the primary options that can further enhance your experience. The lightning faster speed can be one of the exciting options that can further enhance your experience.
  • Batch download options – StreamFab Downloader improves your downloading experience considerably with the batch download functionality. You can download five music files in one go which should make it one of the rewarding experiences.

Final Words

Picking the best music streaming services that provide you with the best sound quality can definitely be one of the toughest tasks. If you are a true audiophile, You would definitely love the exciting range of the services that we have outlined in this compilation.

Now that you have a fairly good collection of music streaming services, how about checking out a good downloader for downloading your favorite tracks for offline listening? StreamFab MP3 Downloader can be your one-stop solution for meeting all your music download requirements. 

                              i  Free Download    i  Free Download


1) What is a music streaming service?
A music streaming service is an online service that does let you listen to music services without hassles. You can listen to your favorite songs without the need to download them

2) What advantages do music streaming services offer?
The music streaming services do provide you access to an enhanced experience through a few features such as

  • Listen to your favorite songs from anywhere anytime
  • No need to download the songs on any physical drive
  • Can offer specialized recommendations based on the specific occasions
  • You can share your playlists with your friends

3) Why do you need to download streaming music from the websites?
There are times when you want to enjoy a few tracks in an area where you do not have access to the internet. Another possibility may be that a track you love is on a music streaming service only for a specific time.

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