When you talk about the best free streaming services, it's quite different from when you talk about the best streaming services. This is because, for the former, the focus is streaming services that are entirely free to use; meaning that you won't need to pay or subscribe to a plan at some point of using the service. In contrast, the latter may only allow you to stream for a specific period via free trial and prompt for a subscription later on.

That said, this article focuses on those streaming services you can access for free on any device and platform. More interestingly, most of them are available in many countries across various continents, and you can equally access them via most streaming devices like the Roku Stick, Amazon Firestick, and other streaming devices.

Section 1. Top 10 Best Free Streaming Services

This listicle is not presented in any format; hence, regardless of where a streaming service is placed, it doesn’t mean that the ones mentioned prior are a better option.

1.1 Pluto TV

best free streaming services

It is almost impossible to see a list of the best free streaming services and Pluto TV won't be mentioned. Although it is not available in many regions, Pluto TV is one of the best places to stream Live TV, movies, and lots of more interesting stuff for free. The service is legally available in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Australia. If you live outside of these countries, you would need to use a VPN service to bypass the Geo-restriction and stream Live TV. Instead of paying those huge cable fees, Pluto TV offers over 250 channels for free, and it makes a perfect alternative to cable TV.

1.2 Tubi TV

best free streaming services

As long as you won't bother about seeing ads display while trying to stream on Tubi TV, the service remains free for you. Tubi claims to have the largest library of streamable content, with over 20,000 movies and shows available for free for its users. Interestingly, Tubi is accessible on any device or platform - on mobile, it has a mobile app, on desktop, you can use the web version, and it is also available on various hardware streaming devices. To use Tubi, you must first sign up and have an account. More so, the service is not available worldwide, only people in select regions can officially stream Tubi; others would need a VPN or any other means they could leverage to bypass the Geo-restriction.

There is also a kids' version called Tubi Kids, you can navigate to this version if you're looking for kid-friendly channels and programs. Furthermore, there are various categories/genres of movies to stream on Tubi, including anime, shows, classic movies, comedy, action, and a lot more. The interface is intuitive across devices.

1.3 YouTube

best free streaming services

Virtually everyone knows about YouTube. Well, it still remains one of the best free streaming platforms available across various devices. YouTube has an entirely free version that supports ads, and there is a premium version with zero ads. Many people prefer the free version since they can access and stream lots of interesting stuff unlimitedly. YouTube free allows you to stream movies, music, series, trailers, and more. The free version also offers a variety of features, including the option to download movies for offline viewing.

Apparently, there are lots of good stuff you will find on YouTube and some folks actually find their way to downloading YouTube videos to remove the ads and also save them on their local storage - this they achieve using YouTube video downloaders. Furthermore, YouTube is available worldwide - to all countries of the world. YouTube’s interface across devices is simply intuitive and easy to navigate. There is also a version for little ones, it is called YouTube Kids. YouTube is also available on hardware streaming devices.

1.4 Hoopla

best free streaming services

Hoopla is quite different from every other streaming service mentioned in this article. However, the main thing is that the platform offers free streaming of various digital content, including movies and audiobooks. The company is owned by Midwest Tape and boasts of over 800,000 titles. This platform is a web and mobile library media that grants its patrons unlimited access to stream any content of their choice. You will find good movies on this platform, as well as comics and TV shows. When you search for movies or shows on this platform, the search bar features dropdown filter options to choose where to look up the name/string you want to search for.

More so, you can use the "Browse" menu to choose the category you want to browse to find the content you can stream. Hoopla is free for all its users and you can access it from your mobile device or computer.

1.5 Popcornflix

best free streaming services

Popcornflix is not yet outdated, you can still find new movies on the platform, and it is available on most hardware streaming devices. Also, Popcornflix can be accessed using mobile devices or on your computer system. The platform offers a seamless interface that you can easily navigate through, irrespective of the device you're streaming from. Furthermore, this streaming service boasts award-winning originals, as well as offers blockbusters in its vast library. Whether you're looking for horror movies, comics, full-length movies, originals, and lots more, Popcornflix has something for you. However, Popcornflix has not released any originals in the past 10 years now. Regardless, there are thousands of titles to keep you going.

This free streaming service is available in many countries across various continents and you will see fewer ads while streaming on the platform.

1.6 CONtv

best free streaming services

When talking about the best free streaming services to use in these recent times, CONtv is worthy of mention. The platform lets you stream movies and lots of other interesting digital content for free on various devices. CONtv is launched in 2015 and it provides streaming content to its Comic-Con community. You must need to sign in or register (sign up) to join the CONtv community, the network is a joint venture between Cinedigm and y and enjoy 100% free streaming across devices. Also, CONtv provides behind-the-scenes access to Wizard World Comic Cons, along with television series, classic films, and comics.

However, there is a premium version of CONtv, called CONtv VIP. These VIP subscribers have access to stream any content on CONtv without facing any advert of any sort. But, if you’re not bothered about ads, you can stick to the free version and still enjoy lots of good content on your various supported devices. Sadly, CONtv is only available in the US; if you live outside this region, you need a VPN.

1.7 Sony Crackle

best free streaming services

Crackle (by Sony) still works, and it is a free streaming service accessible on various platforms and devices. Apparently, most of these free streaming services provide the same content because those content (especially movies) are cheap or free to license. In contrast, with Crackle's exclusive rights to Sony movies, Sony Crackle's 200 movies aren't available on any other free streaming sites online. Currently, the Sony Crackle streaming service is available in just 21 countries and can be accessed via mobile devices, tablets, desktop computers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

On Crackle, all you need is to hit the “Play” button to start streaming the content immediately. This service provides unedited Hollywood movies, along with other interesting digital content across several genres, which include action, horror, sci-fi, crime, and comedy. If you love outside the regions where Crackle is supported, you will need a strong VPN service to bypass the Geo-restriction algorithm. For as long as you’re comfortable seeing ads, this service is a good option.

1.8 MoviesJoy

best free streaming services

If you’re looking for where to watch free movies in clear HD quality, MoviesJoy is an ideal site to visit. MoviesJoy features an intuitive interface that is very easy to navigate, regardless of the device you’re using to view the platform. More so, it does not require that you must have a registered account before you can stream content from its platform. Interestingly, this streaming service provides recent movies you’d love to watch. You can quickly search for any movie using the name. There are over a hundred thousand titles available on MoviesJoy - you’d definitely find something that would interest you to watch.

Also, on MoviesJoy, new movies and TV episodes are added daily, and can request movies you couldn't find on the platform's library. This streaming service provides Hollywood blockbusters, regional indies, horror movies, and lots of good stuff. One of the most interesting (and surprising) things about this streaming service is that it doesn't display ads. You will stream a full-length movie and switch to another one without being disturbed by ads.

1.9 Kanopy

best free streaming services

We are still discussing the best free streaming services you can access across platforms and devices. Kanopy is an on-demand streaming platform that offers a variety of content you can watch all day long. The service is available in different regions and boasts of having a comprehensive library of foreign movies, documentaries, classic cinema, independent movies, and lots more. More, Kanopy has a version for kids, it is called Kanopy Kids - this is where to access lots of kids programming, and all Kanopy users are eligible to access the kid's version.

Furthermore, Kanopy's interface is easy to navigate, the search function works perfectly and there are options to filter the search results. Kanopy is available on some smart TVs, Android TVs, and hardware streaming devices. You will enjoy a whole lot of entertainment on this platform, but first, you must register and sign in to your account.

1.10 The Roku Channel

best free streaming services

This streaming service is exclusive to Roku users. If you own a Roku streaming device (hardware), that when to consider this free streaming service. The Roku Channel is an entirely free, ad-supported channel on Roku devices that providers users with unlimited entertainment, providing various content, including free movies, shows, live news, kids' TV, and more. Interestingly, you'll get entertained on this channel, it's library contains popular movies such as the Mr. Bean series, The Dead Zone, Blood Ties, and lots more.

This free channel also lets you stream live TV programming, as well as include kid-friendly content for your little ones. It is an interesting channel for the family and you will never pay at any time. Roku is not available in many regions, and so, this channel is not also available in many regions. You need a Roku streaming device to access this exclusive free channel.

Section 2. Download Streaming Videos to Watch Offline

Now that you have known the best free streaming services and where you can access them, let's talk about how you can actually download content from these sites. Basically, you cannot download the movies you stream online to your device's local storage; however, most of these platforms allow you to download interesting content for offline viewing.

But, if you really want to download the contents to your device's local storage, then you need a professional streaming downloader software.

                         i  Free Download    i  Free Download 

With the help of video downloader software, you can grab movies and TV shows from most of these platforms, most especially YouTube, Popcornflix, and Tubi TV.  The StreamFab Downloader supports 1080p download quality and it also supports most of these services mentioned above.

best free streaming services


We are now in the digital age where a lot of people want to cut down on cable TV costs by switching to online streaming. That’s not a bad idea; however, some streaming services can also cost you a lot. Hence, you may want to consider these free options, which are available across devices. Regardless, your region will play a huge role in deciding which of these services you can be able to access and use. Have a good day ahead.

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