Nowadays, everyone is just looking to boycott traditional cable TV subscriptions, which, of course, is very expensive, and eats deep into monthly budgets. However, there are certain Live TV shows that you may not want to miss; these shows may mean a lot to you, and you're thinking if there's a way to get those shows digitally - probably by subscribing to a particular Live TV channel?

Well, HGTV is one of those live TV channels that provide you with intriguing series and shows you’d never want to miss one bit of those programs. Hence, you wish to know the possible ways to watch HGTV on your device? This article lists the possible ways to enjoy HGTV streaming across various devices.

Section 1. What are the Multiple Ways to Watch HGTV?

You can stream HGTV live shows on your mobile device, on your hardware streaming device, or even from your personal computer / MacBook.

1.1 HGTV GO Mobile App

Different Ways to Watch HGTV

HGTV has a mobile app for Android and iOS device users; the app is compatible with virtually all versions of the mentioned mobile OSes and it features a pretty intuitive interface that is very easy to understand and use. With the HGTV mobile app installed on your Android or iOS smartphone, you can stream HGTV TV shows while on go, or anywhere at all.

The mobile app is free on Apple's app store for iOS users and Google's Playstore for Android users. However, you will need to have an account, plus an active subscription before you can stream HGTV live shows. More so, new episodes are available the same day as they premiere.

Famous shows like house hunters, escape to the Chateau, fixer to fabulous, and a lot more are available on the mobile app.  The mobile app also includes a feature that lets you save certain shows to the "Watch Later" list. Streaming HGTV from the mobile app requires your TV subscription.

1.2 Amazon Fire TV

Different Ways to Watch HGTV

If you have an Amazon Fire TV subscription, you can download the HGTV GO app for free and stream HGTV live shows from your device. The HGTV GO available on Amazon Fire TV offers the same feature and services as the ones available for iOS and Android devices. This app supports closed captions, and you can stream HGTV TV shows after you have logged in with your TV provider details.

Episodes and full seasons are available on this app. You will also get to search and browse easily, thanks to the intuitive interface and the responsive search bar. If you were streaming an episode and got off, when you come back, you’ll resume streaming from where you stopped.

Furthermore, you can add your favorite shows to "Favorite Shows" or save episodes to the "Watch Later" list. The most interesting part of this app is the fact that it is available for free, but with your TV subscription. New episodes are released the same day they premiere on TV.  This option saves you more money than traditional cable TV.

1.3 Apple TV

Different Ways to Watch HGTV

HGTV Streaming is available on Apple TV. If you have Apple TV, you can download the HGTV app and continue with your favorite series even after cutting off cables. However, the app requires iOS 10 or higher, and of course, you must be living within the US before you can stream HGTV live content on any platform.

Again, this app is practically the same as the ones available for iOS and Android platforms. However, this version is meant for Apple TV users. The HGTV app for Apple is also available for free but requires your TV subscription - just like on other platforms. You will get to browse through every content HGTV has to offer, including shows like Love It or List It, Fixer to Fabulous, Escape to the Chateau, House Hunters, Flip or Flop, Bargain Mansions, and lots more.

Furthermore, features such as closed captions, save episodes, and adding shows to a watch later list are all available on this HGTV for Apple TV app.

1.4 Philo

Different Ways to Watch HGTV

You probably must have heard about - or even used - Philo. It is a streaming service that offers live TV streaming. With a Philo plan, you could get HGTV live streams and the Hallmark Channel at a price that is much cheaper than what you pay for local cable TV.

More so, Philo offers cloud DVR, which implies that you can record your streams and have them saved in the cloud. Philo plans are cheaper than what you'll pay for other streaming services. Plus, Philo offers over 60 channels - you can take advantage of the 7-day free trial to try out the platform and see if it is a better option for you.

1.5 Hulu + Live TV

Different Ways to Watch HGTV

Hulu is a streaming service available for people living in the United States. It grants you access to tons of TV channels (with the Hulu + Live TV plan) and also boasts of having a massive collection of TV channels and streaming platforms. With a Hulu + Live TV subscription, you will enjoy streaming live TV shows from the many supported channels.

However, Hulu offers two subscription packages for streaming Live TV; the Hulu + Live TV plan and the Hulu + Live TV (no ads). The former lets you stream live TV, but with ads, while the latter lets you stream without ads. As you would guess, the latter is costlier than the former.

1.6 Sling TV

Different Ways to Watch HGTV

With Sling TV comes much flexibility and easiness. Sling TV is available across devices and streaming sticks such as Roku, Amazon Firestick, and many others. It is a popular streaming service that also supports various live TV channels and lets you access these TVs at a low-cost price. You can also stream Sling TV from your mobile devices; iOS or Android.

To enjoy HGTV TV shows on Sling TV, you need to subscribe to the "Blue" or "Orange" package, which starts at $35 per month. Sling TV also offers cloud DVR so you can record your favorite shows and have them saved on the cloud. More so, Sling TV provides HGTV on-demand, and there are many other interesting channels too, including the Hallmark Channel.

Whether you use Google Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon streaming hardware, Sling is available on all those devices.

1.7 FandangoNOW

Different Ways to Watch HGTV

You can also stream HGTV TV shows on FandangoNOW - and there are lots of them there. FandangoNOW is a unique streaming platform that allows charges you for the movie(s) you wish to watch. You are not required to pay a monthly subscription; instead, you will only pay for what you watch.

HGTV streaming on FandangoNOW is swift and seamless. The interface is easy to understand, and the service is available across devices/platforms. You can also rent movies on FandangoNOW; it simply makes online streaming easy and enjoyable.

1.8 HGTV Live

Different Ways to Watch HGTV

HGTV Live is a dedicated platform provided by the company - HGTV - to allow its users to stream live TV shows from their computers or mobile device. The service lets you stream HGTV TV shows on the go. Also, you will get to see schedules - times - when the next TV show will start.

More interestingly, HGTV Live service is free, but you’re required to sign in with your TV provider details. There is a lot more to enjoy on HGTV Live; the interface is easy to navigate.

1.9 YouTube TV

Different Ways to Watch HGTV

Yes, you can enjoy HGTV streaming via YouTube TV. However, YouTube is quite expensive - it costs more than most other Live TV streaming service providers. But, if there are other features and offerings of YouTube TV you’d love to explore, then it’s a good choice.

HGTV TV shows are available on any YouTube TV plan. Actually, YouTube TV offers live TV, on-demand video, and cloud-based DVR for you to record any of the 80+ TV networks available on the platform. Asides from HGTV, YouTube TV provides channels that allow you to listen to breaking news and live sports.

1.10 AT&T TV

Different Ways to Watch HGTV

AT&T also provides a live TV streaming service, and it supports HGTV streaming. The AT&T TV allows you to stream simultaneously on up to three devices on a single subscription. It also supports cloud-based DVR for recording streams from channels like HGTV or Hallmark Movies.

Interestingly, AT&T TV is available on Android TV, AppleTV, Roku, Amazon FireTV, and other streaming devices, too.

Section 2. How to Download HGTV TV Shows

You can record them if the streaming platform you're using supports DVR, or use a 3rd-party screen recorder software such as Camtasia Studio to record the HGTV shows being played on your computer. However, if you want to download HDTV shows to local storage, there is no proven solution capable of doing that so far. That being said, if you want to download streaming video, movies and TV shows from premium streaming platforms and save the content on your local storage, then you need professional streaming video downloader software.

professional streaming video downloader software

The StreamFab Downloader is a professional software that supports Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and a bunch of other premium streaming services providers. Generally, StreamFab Downloader lets you download videos from over 1000 sites. It features an intuitive interface and boasts a cutting-edge hardware engine for faster download speeds.

professional streaming video downloader software


These are the various platforms and services that support HGTV streaming. You can watch HGTV live TV shows on these aforementioned sites and devices. Interestingly, streaming HGTV is almost free across the supported platform; you only need to sign in with your TV provider details.

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