What’s your favorite streaming service, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, or any others? Today in this article, our topic is mainly focused on Investigation Discovery, a.k.a. ID, which, despite not the most famous streaming content provider in today’s standard, but as one of the biggest American pay-television networks, also has a good bunch of streaming TV shows and movies you can probably not find from any other competitors out there. So if you’ve just found something interesting on ID and are considering add Investigation Discovery as one of your streaming resources. Feel free to explore the details, there are things you may already know and things you probably don’t know yet.

Section 1. What's Investigation Discovery

Owned by Discovery, Inc., Investigation Discovery (or ID) is an American multinational pay television network that is famously known for its true dedication to crime-themed TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Statics data show that nearly 75% of American families are watching Investigation Discovery on their TVs at home.

Watch Investigation Discovery

As ID’s popularity continues to boom in its home country, the crime network also starts to expand its paws into many global markets, after all, there are crimes everyday happening in every corner of this world and not only the Americans are developing the fondness of this unique genre of videos, so do the international viewers from England, France, Greece, India, Hungary, Denmark, South Africa and many more. So if you are a true fan of crime-relevant videos, then you should definitely go after ID if you are not a fan yet.

Section 2. Ways to Watch Your Favorite ID Shows

There is more than one way via which you can watch shows, movies, and documentaries on the Investigation Discovery channel. Depending on what you have at home, you can directly watch your favorite ID shows from your desktop browsers, from an existing streaming service if you’ve already subscribed to one, from the Investigation Discovery Channel that is available on many streaming apps as well. Following we shall go over each of those ways in great detail so that you can decide which one, or which ones in combination, is your best approach to watch Investigation Discovery shows or other videos of your taste. 

2.1 Watch Directly from a Web Browser

Aside from a wired cable TV, if you want to watch Investigation Discovery TV shows of your favorite from your computer, then the easiest way to do that is to open your web browser on any computer, regardless it is running Windows or macOS, and then visit the website of Investigation Discovery, find your target shows, then start watching. Yeah, it’s that easy!

watch Investigation Discovery TV shows from a Web Browser

Be aware: To watch Investigation Discovery online this way, you still need to sign in with the account of your TV provider in order to watch the videos you like.

2.2 Watch ID Contents on Other Devices

Okay, sometimes you might want to watch Investigation Discovery shows on other devices, instead of on your computers? Not to worry about it. To make it easy for you to enjoy your beloved ID crime shows, the company has developed its mobile App called Investigation Discovery Go for a variety of popular portable and mobile devices so that you can access the shows on Investigation Discovery Channel anytime you are in the mood.

Steps on how to use the Investigation Discovery Go App, taking Roku as an example.

  1. Open the Channel Store on Roku. Note App Store name may vary from one device to another. No matter device you have, just search for Investigation Discovery Go in yours.
  2. Add the App to your Roku and then open it.
  3. Roku will then come up with an activation code together with a URL.
  4. Now open the URL with a mobile device or on your computer browser.
  5. Enter your login credentials from your TV provider.
  6. After logging into Investigation Discovery’s website, you’re ready to binge-watch the ID shows and movies you love.

Availability of Investigation Discovery Go App: all the iPhone and iPad models, the Apple TV set-top boxes, all the Android devices, Roku devices, Amazon FireTVs, Xbox models, and select Samsung Smart TV models.

Watch Investigation Discovery

Extra Tips: Similar to watching on your computer with a web browser, you also need your paid TV network account to watch from any of the devices supported by the ID Go app.

2.3 Stream ID Contents without a Cable TV

So, the aforementioned ways to watch Investigation Discovery TV shows and other videos all require you to be an existing subscriber of certain pay television networks. Is there any possibility to watch my favorite ID channel without a cable TV subscription? Or in other words, how to watch investigation discovery without cable? Absolutely yes, you can get access to the Investigation Discovery Channel live from many other streaming services.

  1. Philo: $20 per mo. with a 3-day free trial available.
  2. Hulu + Live TV: $64.99 per month with a 1-week free trial available; or $5.99/month, or $11.99 per month to watch many of Investigation Discovery’s shows on-demand with or without commercials.
  3. Sling TV: Starts from $35 per month with a free trial available.
  4. FuboTV: $64.99/month with a 1-week free trial available.
  5. Vidgo: $55 per mo. with a 3-day free trial available.
  6. YouTube TV: $64.99/month with a 1-week free trial available.
  7. AT&T TV: $69.99/month with a 1-week free trial available.
  8. T-Mobile TVision: $10 per month for the Vibe plan users.

Additional Tips: with all the streaming options above, the Investigation Discovery Channel is only one of the live channels you can get for the price you pay, there are also other live TV channels covered along with some other perks you will get.

Watch Investigation Discovery 

Section 3. Make Home DVDs from ID Contents for Collection Purpose

As an Investigation Discovery fan, do you want to collect your favorite crime TV shows? Well, if you do, you can choose to make home DVDs using the Investigation Discovery shows. By doing this way, you can also watch them on your home DVD player anytime. And for that purpose, you will need to download your favorite shows from the website with a streaming video downloader software, and then burn the downloaded videos onto blank DVD9/DVD5 discs with the help of a DVD authoring software.

3.1 Download Investigation Discovery Videos

Speaking of a 3rd-party Investigation Discovery downloader software, the one offered by the all-inclusive StreamFab Downloader is the best option you can opt for. There are several streaming video downloader modules in the software that are purchasable as a standalone product if you do not need the other options, like the Netflix downloader, Amazon downloader, CBS downloader, Disney+ downloader, etc.

Feature Highlights:

  1. The free trial version allows you to download three streaming videos
  2. Download Investigation Discovery shows as 720p or 1080p MP4 videos (If you want higher resolution like 4K, you can upscale 1080p to 4K with ease).
  3. Download ID shows in batch mode and with GPU hardware acceleration
  4. Download subtitles and metadata information for the downloaded ID shows
  5. Download premium high-quality audio at up to 5.1-channel
  6. Remove the DRM encryptions and play the downloaded ID shows on any device

Available on: Only Windows platform as of now.

                                               i  Free Download 

Steps to download shows from Investigation Discovery with this DRM video downloader:

Step 1: Start StreamFab Downloader after installation, and opt for Streaming Services from the navigation panel on the far left side.
Step 2: Choose Investigation Discovery to open the website of www.investigationdiscovery.com with the inbuilt browser.
Step 3: Locate and play the TV episode or movie you want to download.
Step 4: Click the Download Now button from the popup window.
Step 5: Find the downloaded item at Task Queue>Finished.

download Investigation Discovery

Bonus Feature: If you want a faster download speed, check your computer to see if you have got a high-end video card that is capable of GPU hardware acceleration. If yes, toggle on the High-Speed feature at the Task Queue panel. That will allow you to download Investigation Discovery shows blazingly fast.

3.2 Burn the Downloaded ID Videos to DVDs

StreamFab DVD Creator is the world’s best DVD maker software that you can use to burn your videos of any formats onto DVD±R and DVD±RW discs, either being DVD9 or DVD5. The created DVD discs are compliant with any home DVD player from any corner of the world. In other words, the final DVDs you burn with this software are region-free.

Watch Investigation Discovery

Key Features of StreamFab DVD Creator:

① Produce studio-level home DVDs out of all formats of videos
② Burn the created DVDs to blank discs or save as ISO files/folders
③ Support all types of blank discs like DVD±R and DVD±RW
④ Offer multiple sets of beautifully crafted menu templates
⑤ Support GPU hardware acceleration to convert much faster

Available on: both Windows and macOS

                               i  Free Download    i  Free Download 

Pricing plans: $24.99/mo. $46.99/year or $74.99/lifetime at StreamFab Online Store, with 30-day fully-functioned free trials for you to thoroughly evaluate its features and capabilities.

3.3 What's on Investigation Discovery to Download

After learning so much about what Investigation Discovery is, how and where you can watch Investigation Discovery shows, and how to download and burn the downloaded ID shows to make home DVDs for personal collection purposes, now let’s further check out what shows you can download from Investigation Discovery as of now. As mentioned at the very beginning, the ID Channel is the only crime-focused TV channel where you can find the most horrible and terrifying crime scenes, so we shall give sum up the available best-rated crime shows and documentaries on the Channel that you can grab as of now. 

download shows from Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery Shows and documentaries Available Right Now

  1. Horror at the Cecil Hotel
  2. Evil Lives Here
  3. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
  4. A Crime to Remember
  5. Fear Thy Neighbor
  6. A Haunting
  7. Your Worst Nightmare
  8. On the Case with Paula Zahn
  9. American Monster
  10. The Case That Haunts Me
  11. Murder in Paradise
  12. Murder in the Heartland
  13. Betrayed
  14. Unusual Suspects
  15. Dead Silent
  16. People Magazine Investigates
  17. Gypsy's Revenge
  18. Deadly Sins
  19. Nightmare Next Door
  20. The Clown and the Candyman
  21. Fatal Vows
  22. Into the Abyss
  23. The Golden State Killer: It's Not Over
  24. Twisted Sisters
  25. Reasonable Doubt
  26. Dead of Winter
  27. The Chameleon
  28. The Staircase: An American Murder Mystery
  29. The Family I Had
  30. In Plain Sight

Final Wrap-up

If you are one of those crime shows fans, then Investigation Discovery is definitely the last streaming provider you want to miss out on. With Discovery Inc. weighing more on streaming content, there will be sure tons more crime-themed TV shows coming up its sleeve. In this article, not only did we brief you on what ID is, multiple ways you can watch your favorite Investigation Discovery shows, we also showcased how you can download your beloved ID shows for offline viewing with the help of StreamFab Streaming Video Downloader and how you can make home DVDs with the downloaded ID shows so as to play on any home DVD player. With those skills at heart, you definitely won’t run short of crime shows ever. Just enjoy your heart’s content.


Is Investigation Discovery Free?
It is free if you already have a cable TV subscription, you need to check with your TV provider for sure.

Is Investigation Discovery the same as Discovery+?
No, the two are not exactly the same thing. Discovery+ is a standalone product released newly in January 2021. That being said, there are shows that you may find on both, but there are way more on Discovery+ than on ID Channel, because from Discovery+, you get access to a variety of shows from multiple Discovery networks, including Animal Planet, HGTV, and ID itself.

Is Investigation Discovery available on Amazon FireTV?
Yes, you can live stream Investigation Discovery shows from Amazon FireTV and FireTV Stick via the Investigation Discovery Go app. The same goes for Apple iPhones, Android devices, Roku devices, Xbox, and select Samsung Smart TV models.

Can I watch Investigation Discovery Channel without cable TV?
Yes, you can. But that might be even more expensive than your existing cable TV subscription. You can get access to Investigation Discovery Channel on a variety of streaming services like Sling TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, AT&T TV, T-Mobile’s TVision, and more.

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